CNN Crew Warns It Won’t Be Good for Trump to ‘Go After Biden’s Family’

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Just before noon on Debate Day, CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer worried out loud about how Donald Trump may “go after Biden’s family.” That’s how they describe raising the topic of Hunter Biden’s international influence-peddling, with the millions in foreign money being distributed around many members of the Biden family.

Republican analyst Scott Jennings suggested that’s not a “mover” for voters. Democrat analyst Ashley Allison said raising Hunter makes Joe sympathetic, but it will be great to tag Trump as a “convicted felon.” 

Nobody has any shame that Democrats can play the “felon” card with Trump, but it’s a mistake for Trump to throw the “felon” card back in Biden’s face.  

WOLF BLITZER: Do you think it’s smart as there’s been a lot of speculation that Trump may go after Biden’s family, especially his son Hunter Biden during the course of the debate tonight?


BLITZER: Is that smart, do you think?

JENNINGS: I don’t think it’s a mover for voters. But if part of your tactic was to try to rile your opponent, get him off his game, get Joe Biden in an emotional state, I could see that. I mean, it could be a retort to when Joe Biden goes after him, you know, on his own legal issues. He could come back at him on Hunter. I think the best ground to fight on for Trump is obviously the economy, inflation, and immigration. So, when given the choice, I think most Republicans would rather see him retreat to that ground all night long. If he does, he’s going to have a good night.

Blitzer then asked about “all of the criminal charges” and “convictions,” a perfect Biden set-up: 

BLITZER: Is it smart for Biden to go after Trump on the issue of all of the criminal charges that — and the convictions?

ASHLEY ALLISON: Oh, absolutely. I mean, that’s the fact that he has committed a crime and a jury of his peers have found him guilty. And it needs — the American people need to constantly be reminded of that.

I agree. I don’t think that Hunter Biden, if Donald Trump goes after Joe Biden is going to move voters. But that would give a spark in the current president to say, wait a minute, don’t talk about my son. And every time he’s on an opportunity to reflect on his relationship with his son, it does move Americans. It’s something that people can relate to.

No one should ever conclude Joe Biden enabled Hunter Biden’s spiraling misbehavior by helping him earn the millions he squandered. CNN wouldn’t allow that narrative. 

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