‘Dr Who’ has WORST RATINGS in 60-year history after taking a ‘decisively queer step’

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“Dr. Who” has been a fan favorite for the 60 years it’s been on air, but with its recent record low ratings on Disney Plus — that’s all changing.

“Not only is the show absolutely not doing well, but it is failing spectacularly. Like it is doing so poorly,” Lauren Chen of “Pseudo-Intellectual” comments, noting that the “show has been on the decline for a while now.”

Since the first episode of the season, fewer and fewer people are tuning in for more.

The issues began with the portrayal of Dr. Who — who is now a crossdressing black man — and went downhill from there.

“They were so focused on trying to pander to black people and queer people and get them interested in the show, they forgot about welcoming, like, just actual Dr. Who fans to watch the show,” Chen says.

“In fact, sometimes, they did the exact opposite. They told those fans to not watch the show if they weren’t happy with being force-fed progressive propaganda, and I’m not even kidding,” she adds.

The main actor has told people to not watch the show, addressing his critics in an April 2024 interview with Variety’s Ellise Shafer by saying, “Don’t watch. Turn off the TV. Go and touch grass, please, for God’s sake.”

This same sentiment was shared by a drag queen who plays a villain in the show.

“I know a lot of people might not even watch this season of ‘Dr. Who’ because it’s taking such a decisively queer step. However, if they watch, I think they’ll see that we’re just actors playing characters. And if they don’t watch it, then who needs ‘em? I truly believe that for every fan we lose to transphobia, we’re going to have two to three more coming in because they’re excited for trans representation,” Jinkx Monsoon said.

“How is that prediction working out for you?” Chen laughs.

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