Glenn Beck: Our country is in ‘clear and present DANGER’ after last night’s debate

The CNN Presidential Debate between President Biden and former President Trump went worse than anyone could have imagined.

“Last night I watched something I’ve never seen before,” Glenn Beck comments, horrified. “This country just continues to get more and more bizarre.”

The horror show began as soon as Biden opened his mouth, when Jake Tapper asked him his first question about inflation.

“When he opened up his mouth, and that came out,” Glenn says, mocking Biden’s mousey, lost tone, “it was breathtaking.”

However, Glenn notes, “That’s probably the clearest he was all night.”

The debate only continued to get worse, with Trump at one point not responding to a point Biden made about the border, because he couldn’t understand what he said.

“It is the most restrained I have ever seen Donald Trump,” Glenn says.

While Glenn finds it “terrifying” that “this is the weakest our president has ever appeared,” he does find one thing more terrifying than that about the debate.

“I am so angry today, that I haven’t heard one single person on television or in the political realm talk about the country. They’re all talking about an election. ‘How do we replace him before the convention? How do we get him off the ticket? How do we get this man away from the football?’” he says.

“Do you know what our enemies were thinking last night? This country is in more danger, clear and present danger, than we have been, I believe possibly, in my lifetime,” he continues.

“What the hell is wrong with us?” he asks. “We are in more trouble, not because of Joe Biden, we’re in more trouble because people are not recognizing the danger that is right in front of us.”

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