Illegal Alien Who Shot 2 NYPD Officers and Is Part of Cop-Killing Gang Pleads Not Guilty

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At the beginning of June, an illegal alien (I will say that exclusively from now on by popular demand) from Venezuela named Bernardo Raul Castro-Mata, part of the infamous Tren de Aragua gang, shot and injured two NYPD officers in Queens.


Having now been arraigned for the shooting, this genius said the gun was not his and went off by accident; thus he pleaded not guilty. Somehow, he also found it pertinent to say that Tren de Aragua regularly shoots at cops back home in Venezuela since they supposedly shoot gang members for minor infractions.

Something doesn’t add up there, buddy. 

But the scary part is how he said he got the gun in the first place: Tren de Aragua smuggles them into migrant shelters through food delivery bags, that way they do not go through metal detectors. It begs the question of how many more guns are in the hands of these guys at the shelters.

As my friend Matt Margolis wrote at the beginning of June, Castro-Mata entered the country through Eagle Pass, Texas, last July (if I had a nickel for every time an illegal alien came in through there and committed a crime not related to coming in illegally, I’d be rich).

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He was detained, processed, and told to show up in court. On May 6, his court case was dropped for some incomprehensible reason.


Castro-Mata was also a suspect in multiple robberies conducted on unregistered scooters and bikes around New York, and when he was arrested for shooting the two cops, he had two stolen credit cards on him linked to previous robberies, according to CBS News.

Margolis further noted that there are over 60 groups of thieves like Castro-Mata operating in town, presumably on behalf of Tren de Aragua or other gangs.

Given the fact that as mentioned, gang members receive smuggled guns through food delivery bags, who knows how many more shootings by these guys could occur here? And more importantly, why is the U.S. letting them into the country to begin with?

Just this past week, we saw the horrific rape and murder of 12-year-old Jocelyn Nungaray by two illegal aliens from Venezuela in Houston and the rapist and murderer of 37-year-old Rachel Morin in August 2023, another illegal from El Salvador, finally caught.

Yet the Biden administration has the gall to say that Donald Trump is exploiting these tragedies, even though these are all the administration’s fault because it doesn’t want it to let slip that their “newcomers” committed these crimes.


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Trump should definitely call this out at the debate tonight and challenge Biden to say at least some of the names of Americans whom illegal aliens have murdered or assaulted under his watch.

But since it’s taking place on CNN, moderators will do everything they can to prevent Trump from doing this, much like how groups like the “Global Disinformation Index” blacklists news sites like PJ Media (at taxpayer expense!) to keep news like this out of the limelight.

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