Jill Biden makes matters worse, humiliating her husband on and off stage following his brutal debate performance

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President Joe Biden crumbled in his debate Thursday with former President Donald Trump in Atlanta, prompting even his biggest boosters at allied news outlets to eulogize his campaign. While Biden’s garbled answers, bouts of confusion, and departures from reality were damning enough for the 81-year-old Democrat, his wife found a way to make matters worse.

Footage captured by CNN shows former President Donald Trump confidently stride off the CNN debate hall stage following the ordeal. His opponent, however, would not exit unaided.

Jill Biden can be seen carefully taking the president’s hand and slowly leading him down roughly three steps.

The juxtaposition of the brutal debate with Biden’s subsequent need for direction and a crutch prompted some critics to speculate about the first lady’s real role as well as her silence in the face of the president’s unmistakable decrepitude.

‘Shameful actions as a wife.’

Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) responded to the video, “Who is the Commander in Chief?”

Conservative commentator Laura Ingraham noted, “She did this. Embarrassed him, his party and destroyed the country’s border and economy by letting him run. Horrible.”

Former ESPN host Sage Steele tweeted, “Shame on Jill Biden for allowing this to go on for so very long. Shameful actions as a wife. Shameful actions as a human being.”

Some critics asked whether CNN had accidentally broadcast one of the so-called “cheap fakes” its talking heads previously joined the White House in concern-mongering about.

A video went viral earlier this month of Obama having to escort Biden off the stage at a fundraising event after the president locked up in front of an audience. “They are cheap-fakes video,” said White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. “They are done in bad faith.”

Jill Biden did not promptly escort Biden back home Thursday, but rather to a watch party, where she would humiliate him again, this time in front of a crowd of supporters.

Joe Biden spent over a week at Camp David preparing for the debate. With the help of over a dozen current and former aides, the New York Times indicated he engaged in multiple strategy sessions and practiced on a mock debate stage. According to the suggestion Thursday by CNN’s Erin Burnett, he might also have received the questions to run through in advance.

In light of the investment of time, money, and energy in debate preparation, there was likely some expectation of a passable showing. Jill Biden indicated, however, just how low the bar had been set.

When introducing the leader of the free world, Jill Biden said, “Joe, you did such a great job. You answered every question.”

“And let me ask the crowd: What did Trump do? Lie!” added the first lady.

While many critics suggested Jill Biden’s commendation of the president for the satisfaction of the bare minimum was condescending, others suggested it was indicative instead of a deluded sense he might actually have done all right — a sense anchored in a desire to hold on to power.

Late Thursday night, Jill Biden released a video claiming, “He’s the president we need — the president you deserve.”

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