Obama’s ICE Director Admits ‘Sheer Volume’ of Illegals Makes Vetting Difficult

The ICE director from the Obama administration has admitted that the massive flood of illegal migrants taking advantage of Biden’s open border makes it nigh impossible effectively to identify criminals and national security threats.


Former Obama ICE Director John Sandweg appeared Wednesday on “NewsNation Now.” Multiple horrific murders and rapes perpetrated by illegal alien suspects recently spurred Sandweg’s admission that “the bottom line here is the problem is the sheer volume of people coming across the border.” With the insanely high numbers of illegal aliens pouring across the border, there is a serious lack of manpower and resources. Unfortunately, the Biden administration has no intention of closing the border any time soon.

Sandweg told host Natasha Zouves, according to a Breitbart transcription, “Look … I don’t want to sound — it’s becoming almost like cliché in Washington, but, also we have a major resource problem. So, first of all, I think it’s just important to recognize, ICE operates about 40,000 detention beds. That’s all the funding they have available to them. There’s also a shortage of beds nationwide. So, ICE can detain about 40,000.”

Between the start of 2021, when Biden took office, and February 2024, a staggering 7.2 million illegals entered the U.S., which is a higher number than the population of 36 states. More illegals are being brought in all the time, including an unknown number of criminals and terrorists, and Biden’s executive order will bring in one illegal alien for every two U.S. births.

Sandweg tried to excuse the disastrous situation created by Biden’s pro-illegal migration policies. “The hard part is, when individuals come across the border, and like I said, we vet them, we don’t see any necessarily derogatory information about them. But, let’s say they’re a member of a gang in El Salvador, it’s possible that Border Patrol — either that information hasn’t been fed into the Border Patrol system and it’s been missed or simply it’s not available to us.” Maybe if the Biden administration stopped welcoming in illegal aliens, this wouldn’t be a problem.


“So, at that point, the government, CBP and ICE, have to make a decision about whether to use one of those 40,000 beds to detain them,” Sandweg added, with a deceptive assertion about Biden supposedly reducing numbers of illegal entrants. “When you’re getting 100,000 — and those numbers have dropped, obviously, since the president’s order — but when you’re getting 100,000 a month, you can only detain less than 10% of that population, because — well, you’re detaining people for multiple months. So, you really have a limited ability to detain.”

Official Customs and Border Protection (CBP) statistics show that between 300,000 and 240,000 migrants have been encountered by officials nationwide every single month this year. And Biden’s parole program flies hundreds of thousands of illegals directly into the country.

Sandweg refused to admit that the Biden administration could in fact drastically reduce the number of illegal entrants by enforcing border security, as the Trump administration did. He rambled, “And so, the trick here is, how do you decide whether someone’s a threat or not? It’s obviously incredibly hard. They obviously missed some very dangerous individuals who pose a terrible threat.” No kidding, Sandweg. Democrats have blood on their hands.

“Once they’re in the country, right now, you put them on an ankle bracelet and ICE is very good at monitoring them. But if you get an individual who’s going to cut off the bracelet, it’s really just a numbers game, right?” Sandweg pathetically tried to excuse the current administration. “How many — when you have millions of people under your supervision and you have no indication that person’s a threat, ICE is just probably not going to prioritize the apprehension of that particular individual.” The fact is that the Biden administration just isn’t vetting people or turning them away, but is so desperate to bring in millions of foreign lawbreakers that it doesn’t give a hoot how many American girls are brutally raped and murdered. Spare us the excuses, Sandweg. 


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