Sad Ending: Jill Biden Helps Dementia Joe Off Stage After Debate (Video)


This was the saddest moment of the evening: Jill Biden came over to husband Joe at the end of the debate. As President Trump walked away unaided, Jill took Joe by the hand and slowly led him as he stiffly took the few steps from the podium to the edge of the stage where she then helped Joe down the four or five stairs in front so he could talk with the CNN debate moderators, Dana Bash and Jake Tapper.

Update: Image posted by the Trump campaign’s Jason Miller:

Video clips posted by Greg Price.

Close up version shows Joe Biden clearly having trouble taking the first step. He swings a stiff leg down as Jill holds tight:

The Biden campaign told reporters midway through the debate that Joe had been suffering from a cold the past few days. It was reported that while he was secluded the past week for debate prep at Camp David that Joe went through sessions where he stood for ninety-minutes to get him in shape for the debate.

Thursday morning, the Trump campaign posted a video warning that Joe’s frail condition could lead to Kamala Harris succeeding him in office:

Former Biden White House press secretary Jen Psaki told MSNBC after the debate that a winning campaign does not send the vice president out to do spin right after the debate:

Harris also did debate cleanup on CNN, “It was a slow start.”

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