Democrats in full-on PANIC after Joe Biden’s very bad night

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While anyone with eyes and ears knows former President Donald Trump handily won the debate last night, the real star of last night’s 2024 presidential debate was Joe Biden’s apparent dementia.

And understandably, Democrats are now in full-on panic mode.

“I mean, that was broadcast all over the world on CNN International. They saw Joe Biden in all his dementia glory last night,” Pat Gray comments.

“There’s no denying it. We all saw it this time. We know it was live; we know it actually happened.”

However, in classic mainstream media fashion, they’re already attempting to spin Biden’s horrific performance into just a cold.

“Did the cold shoot straight to his brain and render him totally confused with Alzheimer’s disease? Oh, this is a bad cold. Somebody should call a doctor,” Gray laughs.

Despite Biden’s efforts to prepare for the debate with a week-long stint at Camp David, Gray is thoroughly impressed that he still couldn’t seem to muster up the strength to perform.

“And this is what they delivered. It’s incredible. I guess there’s no medication that can save him,” Gray tells Keith Malinak and Jeffy.

“Right?” Malinak says. “He could not have been on the same drugs that he was on for the State of the Union. Either that, or they have lost their effect.”

Despite winning the coin flip — and choosing which podium to stand at rather than choosing the closing statement, as well as having microphones being equipped with a mute — Biden still couldn’t pull through.

“The split screen benefited Trump, the microphone mute, like we said, benefited Trump,” Malinak says.

“Because it gave Biden a chance to continue to mumble,” Gray adds.

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