FLASHBACK: Univision Assured Their Viewers That Biden Was Fit For Duty

The Regime Media are in a full-fledged meltdown over the public exposure of President Joe Biden’s cognitive decline to millions of Americans over the course of the most recent presidential debate. This is especially true over at Univision, where some of the anchors blatantly told their audience that Biden was fully fit for duty.

Watch as midday anchors Borja Voces and Carolina Sarassa gave their audience a report on the president’s physical examination that one might expect to see in North Korea:

BORJA VOCES: It should be noted that it is important to remember this, Carolina, that Biden’s doctor said that, in the president’s annual physical, he says that he has the condition and faculties to fulfill his duty.

CAROLINA SARASSA: And we are talking about this because surely you will remember that President Biden’s health has been questioned recently, especially after that report from special counsel Robert Hur who decided that he was not going to file charges against the president over those documents that he kept in his office and also at home, because it supposedly said that he did not have mental faculties and that he was a person with a bad memory, so what he says, well, I think the doctor somewhat disproves that theory on the part of the special counsel.

VOCES: He also doesn’t give many details, for example, in the case of his memory, right? Which is an issue that was talked about a great deal after the special counsel’s report. What is clear is we know that he can fulfill his duties- he can fulfill his duties as president for additional years.

SARASSA: It’s good- it’s good to know, right?

The aforementioned medical examination and subsequent report happened within the immediate aftermath of Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report on his investigations into President Biden’s handling of classified documents. The key finding from Hur’s report is that although he found multiple likely violations of law, he’d have difficulty persuading a jury to convict an “elderly man with a poor memory”.

Biden’s frailties have long been a matter of record, but as we noted at the time:

Univision has done everything in their power to avoid reporting on Biden’s physical frailty and obviously declining mental faculties. During Biden’s speeches, he is usually paired with one of the best (if not the best) interpreter in the business, who makes anyone sound like a president out of central casting. Biden’s decline has been well hidden from Univision’s audience, purely by design.

These were our observations BEFORE Univision’s tongue bath of an “interview” with Joe Biden- a jump-cut laden affair that paired the president with the best interprereter in the business. Watch as Univision hid the decline:

JOE BIDEN: The idea we don’t have background checks for anybody purchasing a weapon, the idea that we’re going to be in a position where he says that he famously told the NRA that don’t worry, no one’s going to touch your guns if I… From the very beginning, I used to teach the Second Amendment in law school, from the very beginning, there were limitations. You couldn’t own a cannon. You couldn’t… You could own a rifle or a gun.  

ENRIQUE ACEVEDO: Weapons of war.

JOE BIDEN: They weren’t weapons of war.

That is a stark difference in presentation. As I observed then:

Those who watched the TelevisaUnivision interview of Joe Biden on Unimás (as I did, primarily) got English with subtitles. We heard the president in his own voice, speech pattern and mannerisms. We got to hear him trail off several times, and made assessments of his lucidity and cognition. Based on this feed we were able to speculate as to the efficacy of the (alleged) White House medical cocktail team (hard to assess because the interview was split into shorter interviews across multiple venues, as opposed to Trump’s lengthy sit-down at Mar-a-Lago).

Those who watched the Spanish-dubbed interview on Univision were deprived of that perspective because of the stellar job done by the interpreter. When dubbed into Spanish, Biden sounds 40 years younger and without cognitive decline. The interpreter’s rich baritone, when transposed onto Biden, leaves viewers with the impression of a president far more vigorous than he actually is.

The debate shattered the carefully constructed image of Joe Biden that was fed to Univision’s viewers over the course of the last four years. Viewers got to see for themselves what the network very carefully tried to hide, or at least paper over. The network, like everyone else in the Regime Media, is now scrambling to pick up the pieces of its credibility. 

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