HILARIOUS: A comedian’s take on Trump vs. Biden debate

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We’ve seen a lot of reactions to last night’s presidential debate between President Joe Biden and former president Donald Trump — everything from anger to fear to complete and utter jaw-on-the-floor shock.

One reaction we did not expect to see, however, is humor.

But Dave Landau, Blaze Media’s in-house comedian and host of “Normal World,” couldn’t help but laugh throughout the entire debate. Here is his reaction to the first presidential debate of 2024 in joke format:

Dave Landau ROASTS The First Presidential Debateyoutu.be

“We did learn that [Biden’s] golf handicap is a six, even though I’m pretty sure it’s dementia.”

“Also what he has in common with golf is that we’ve stopped counting strokes.”

“Biden also said that ‘his son was in Iraq’; well, I think he meant to say ‘was on crack.’”

“Dana Bash looks like Sarah Jessica Parker doing an impression of a pony; and Jake Tapper looks like Jamie Lee Curtis doing an impression of Fred Armisen.”

“People are wondering what drug cocktail Biden might have been on, so I’m going to guess whatever it was, it was mixed by Cosby and Justin Timberlake.”

“There’s no way this wasn’t set up to get him out. It was like watching Tommy at the end of ‘Goodfellas.”’

“Trump did amazing; he was very poised. every time he said ‘mandate,’ Lindsey Graham thought his dating app was going off.”

“Biden was slurring so much, I honestly thought the stage was going to get pulled over.”

“I don’t know what Joe Biden was looking at, but he just looked like a fat guy that was at the Golden Corral and he was told the chocolate fountain was out of order.”

That’s just some of Dave’s hysterical commentary, though. To hear the entire take, watch the clip above.

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