Jill Savage ROASTS Biden after Trump crushes him in first debate

On Thursday night, the nation saw President Joe Biden at his very best. And it couldn’t have been worse.

He stuttered and stumbled incoherently through his talking points, making himself look weaker and less capable than ever.

“Joe Biden — they were making him the best that he possibly could be tonight. They locked him away at Camp David for seven days; they were doing everything in their power to make sure that he was going to come out on the top of his game tonight, and this is what we got,” says Jill Savage.

“Obviously, President Biden lost his train of thought a number of times; he rambled; he was incoherent,” adds BlazeTV contributor Delano Squires, adding that Trump surprised him in a good way. He “was energetic but disciplined,’ and “even when President Biden froze that first time, [Trump] could have easily referenced Sleepy Joe or something like that, but he didn’t.”

The debate moderators — CNN’s Dana Bash and Jake Tapper — pleasantly surprised Squires as well.

“They actually did what most people want journalists to do, which is to ask questions and let the other person … respond,” he tells Jill and Blaze Media editor in chief Matthew Peterson. “They didn’t make themselves the stars of the show.”

For Peterson, “we have to emphasize Trump’s discipline.”

“He showed a discipline that most people consider rare,” he says, adding that at times, it seemed like Trump even “[felt] bad for [Biden].”

But there’s one thing that has Peterson angry about the debate. To find out what it is, check out the clip above.

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