Joe Biden KEEPS refinancing his home — here are FIVE shady reasons why that might be

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Joe Biden clearly isn’t great at debating, but he apparently is good at using his personal property like an ATM.

President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden have reportedly taken out several mortgages and refinanced their home 35 times.

A report has just been released by the Daily Mail that claims Joe and Jill Biden “have been using their Delaware house for fast cash.”

The pair have reportedly refinanced their home 20 times with loans totaling $4.2 million since buying the $350,000 home. The Bidens borrowed a total sum of $6 million on their two properties and still have an outstanding $541,000 mortgage on their current Wilmington mansion nearly 30 years after the original purchase.

The Biden’s have a reported net worth of $10 million that the president claims is from “book deals,” so the constant refinancing is raising questions.

“There’s no record of him ever getting payment except for the signing bonus because nobody reads the books,” Glenn Beck says, confused.

While it’s not likely Biden will give an honest answer as to why he’s been constantly refinancing his home, ChatGPT has some theories.

“This is what ChatGPT came up with,” Glenn says, “and I think I’m going to start with the least likely, number five.”

“Constant refinancing can be a method to manipulate debt and create the appearance of legitimate financial activity. This could help in justifying the large sums of money received and repaid,” Glenn reads.

Number four, ChatGPT guesses, is tax evasion.

“Refinancing can provide a way to manipulate table income and avoid taxes on illicit funds by cycling mortgages. The president could claim interest deductions and reduce their overall taxable income,” Glenn explains via the AI bot before reading number three.

“Hiding assets. Frequent refinancing can be used to mask the true financial status and hide assets from investigators or regulatory authorities. This can help in evading detection of illicit funds,” he reads.

Number two is “creating a paper trail.”

“Mortgage cycling can create a complex financial paper trail that makes it difficult for investigators to track the true source and destination of money. This can also help hide illegal financial financial activities,” Glenn continues.

ChatGPT’s number one reason for the president continuously refinancing his house is that “it can be a method to launder illicit funds.”

“ChatGPT didn’t come up with a single non-nefarious reason,” Glenn says, unphased.

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