Liberals are blaming CNN for Trump pummeling Biden at damaging debate: ‘CNN not fact checking is f***ing shameful’

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The first 2024 presidential debate was so damaging to the Biden campaign that some on the left are attacking CNN for allowing former President Donald Trump to pummel Biden for hours.

At the center of their criticism is a narrative that CNN allowed Trump to lie without fact-checking during the debate.

‘Burn the g****mned place to the ground!’

Leading the charge on this narrative was Keith Olbermann, who railed against the cable news network.

“CNN’s decision to abrogate its journalistic responsibilities by not fact checking Trump’s firehose of lies is unforgivable. This debate is Biden vs the tag team of Trump and CNN’s utter failure as a news organization,” he wrote.

“Literally, I am suggesting that at some point tonight, CNN should, it will not, go off the air in shame, fire everybody, seal off the buildings, make sure everybody’s out, and burn the g****mned place to the ground!” he said in video posted to X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.

Others made a similar claim in an attempt to cover up the worsening health of the president.

“That was terrifying. That @CNN a supposed centrist mainstream network would decide to fix the deck in favor of trump scares me. They talked about Hunter Biden but not a word about trump’s 34 felonies and rape. In what f***ing world? In a world where the deck is stacked,” replied actress Ellen Barkin.

“Democrats can’t pretend this isn’t bad. CNN not fact checking is f***ing shameful,” responded Florida activist Rebekah Jones.

“Shame on Jake Tapper, Dana Bash, and CNN for letting Trump lie unchecked,” said liberal pundit Art Candee.

‘This is journalistic malpractice and it is decimating our democracy.’

“Absolutely disgraceful that the CNN moderators refuse to fact check Trump on anything. This is journalistic malpractice and it is decimating our democracy,” responded human rights lawyer Qasim Rashid.

“If trump is not going to answer the f***ing questions from the facilitators, and they’re not going to fact check anything, what is even the point of this???? Come on Jake Tapper and Dana Bash. THIS IS BULL****,” said paid Democratic Twitter troll Majid Padellan.

“CNN did a disservice to the American people. Trump got to give a fact-free infomercial for two hours with little to no reference to his coup against the United States and his criminal convictions and indictments,” responded former congressional candidate Christopher Hale.

Others blamed CNN but didn’t excuse Biden’s poor performance.

“It is a failure on CNN not to fact check Trump’s lies but the thing is… if Joe Biden were performing the way he’s supposed to in a debate, his answers would be the fact check. So 3 things are true: Trump is lying his ass off, the mediator isn’t doing their job & neither is Biden,” wrote attorney Olayemi Olurin.

Democrats have been reeling and panicking since the debate, with many outright calling for Biden to step down from the campaign while others want the Democratic Party to replace him. Some liberal pundits are claiming that Americans will ignore the debate and vote for Biden anyway out of their distaste against his competitor.

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