OOF! Even Reliable Lefty Jon Stewart Mocked Joe Biden Over the Debate: ‘Resting 25th Amendment Face’ (VIDEO)


You know that Joe Biden had a bad night at the debate when even Jon Stewart is mocking him. If Stewart had any chance of focusing his mockery on Donald Trump, you know he would absolutely do it.

Stewart even made 25th Amendment jokes at Biden’s expense.

Something shifted after this debate. The left now has permission to notice what the rest of the country has been saying for the last three and a half years. That Biden is completely unqualified to continue serving as president.

The Hill reports:

Jon Stewart says Biden had ‘resting 25th Amendment face’ at debate

“The Daily Show” host Jon Stewart, broadcasting live after Thursday night’s first general 2024 election debate between President Biden and former President Trump, joined the chorus of those pillorying the incumbent over his performance.

“Need to call a real estate agent in New Zealand,” Stewart, who recently typically only hosts the Comedy Central show on Mondays, said after playing a clip of Biden trailing off midthought before asserting that “we finally beat Medicare.”

Democrats went into a panic over how Biden handled the debate, often mumbling and veering to other subjects while failing to make his points, and a flash poll from CNN showed two-thirds of viewers believe Trump won the Atlanta event.

Stewart made clear he thought the president did no better when it was his predecessor’s turn to speak, saying Biden had “resting 25th Amendment face” while listening to the Republican.

Watch the video:

Here’s another good clip:

Joe Biden was so bad that even Jon Stewart and his progressive audience couldn’t ignore it. That’s amazing.

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