Steve Bannon Hosts War Room for Final Show Before He Reports to Prison on Monday – Democrats Lock Up Most Important MAGA Voice in America for 4 Months Before 2024 Election

Steve Bannon and Donald Trump

Steve Bannon hosted The War Room for his final show on Saturday before he reports to prison on Monday.

Democrats are jailing the most important MAGA voice in America today – and they are forcing him to prison for four months only to release him in November, days before the election.

This is the definition of election interference.

Democrats are forcing Steve Bannon to prison on Monday.

Democrats will then sentence President Trump on their bogus Alvin Bragg case in eleven more days.

As reported earlier – the US Supreme Court on Friday released a statement denying Steve Bannon’s application to Chief Justice Robert’s for release pending appeal.

SCOTUS Denies Steve Bannon’s Bid to Remain Free Pending Appeal – Will Allow Democrats to Lock Up Most Important Media Personality for 4 Months Prior to 2024 Election

The Supremes knocked it down.

Via @OperDJT

Next to Donald Trump, Steve Bannon is the leading voice in the MAGA movement.

Now that FOX News has become a shadow of itself, The War Room is the most important conservative and Pro-Trump news program in the country today.

Everyone knows this.

Last week Steve Bannon lost his appeal to delay the July 1 start of his criminal contempt-of-Congress prison sentence starting in July.

The far left US DC Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against Bannon. Bannon, the former Chief Strategist to former President Donald Trump, then sought the intervention of the US Supreme Court.

Democrats want to ensure that Steve Bannon is jailed for the four months prior to the US 2024 presidential election – the most important election in the last 150 years!

They fear his voice.

Here is the War Room show on Saturday.

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