The Weekend Update: A Big Week for the 2024 Presidential Election

Welcome to PJ Media’s new weekend briefing, featuring a curated selection of key articles from the past week that you might have missed.

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My goal is to keep you informed and up-to-date with the most important stories and insightful columns that you may not have had a chance to read earlier. From bombshell stories to in-depth features, I’ve handpicked content that (I hope) matters the most. And a lot happened this week, even before Biden bombed the debate Thursday night!  Man, that was brutal, wasn’t it?

Without further ado, here are the key stories from the past week.


SLAVERY REPARATIONS: A Harvard study claims there is a historic precedent, but their claim is absurd.

IT’S UP TO YOU, NEW YORK: Believe it or not, Trump’s chances of winning New York are better than you think.

DON’T STOP FIGHTING: It’s been two years since the Dobbs decision; don’t get complacent.

THE COMPANY BIDEN KEEPS: Did you hear about the latest deviant to join the Biden administration?  

HERE WE GO AGAIN: Experts are hard at work figuring out if milk is racist.

THE HITLER CARD: Everyone Trump dealt with at the debate had previously compared him to Hitler.

DIRTY LAUNDRY: Stay dirty and gross, everyone; the WEF demands it!

NOT A TOSS-UP: Nate Silver weighs in on the state of the election, and the left isn’t happy about it.

PANIC AT THE DNC: Not even the liberal media is defending his performance.


SOMEONE ELSE 2024: Only one person can convince Joe Biden to drop out.

BIG GOVERNMENT TAKES A HIT: The administrative state lost big time at the Supreme Court.


You can always count on PJ Media for some insightful commentary. Here are some of the best from the past week.

TERRY SCHILLING: We Can’t Protect Kids Without Fathers.

STEPHEN GREEN: Yes, It Can Happen Here.

RABBI BARCLAY: Never Again. Jews Are Done Cowering in the Face of Violent Bullies.

STEPHEN KRUISER: Go Away, Hillary — America’s Bitter Drunk Grandma to Release a New Memoir in September

MARK TAPSCOTT: PhRMA Is Funding the Radical Transgender Movement

MATT MARGOLIS: Yep, Electric Car Owners Are Huge Suckers

LINCOLN BROWN: Weekend Parting Shot: Debate Edition (Because There Is Nothing Else in the @#$%& News)

MEGAN FOX: Exclusive Interview: Second Victim of Bachelor False Accuser Speaks Out!


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MOST LIKELY TO SECEDE: Secession talk is heating up in some states, but can you guess which ones?


NO MORE SUNSHINE IN BIDENLAND: The Biden campaign is spending money in a state they know they will lose.

BUYER’S REMORSE: Electric car owners are realizing that hype doesn’t match reality.

SKEWED SCALES OF JUSTICE: A German woman gets more jail time than a rapist for offending the rapist.

FALSE VIRTUE: What it is and where to find it.

UNDERAPPRECIATED ALBUMS: This artist should be dominating the music charts.

GABBIN’ ABOUT GAVIN: Can Gavin Newsom save the Democrats in 2024? It doesn’t look likely.


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This was an exciting week because of the first (and potentially last?) debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Please enjoy the following video (via the Trump campaign) of the highlights of Biden’s debate performance.

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