Woman, 18, cancels first date at last minute by calling 911, saying man is abusive ex-boyfriend threatening to stab her: Police

An Iowa woman reportedly got “cold feet” before a first date with a man who she had met on a dating app. Instead of simply canceling the date, the woman allegedly called 911 to falsely accuse the man of being her abusive ex-boyfriend who threatened to stab her, according to police.

Just after midnight on June 16, a 911 call was made to authorities in North Liberty, Iowa. A woman told the 911 operator that an abusive ex-boyfriend was at her home and threatening her.

“She reported him threatening to cause harm to her,” court documents read.

The woman claimed that the man was the father of her unborn baby and he was sending her threatening messages that “he was going to hit, punch, kick, and stab her,” according to the affidavit obtained by Law&Crime.

Police responded to the residence, confronted a man leaving the home, and began an “in-depth investigation.”

However, the man explained that he had never met the woman in person before and that he had matched with her on a dating app just over a week prior. He explained that the two had made plans to meet up at her house that night, but she didn’t answer the door.

The unidentified man was detained by police for more than an hour.

He said that their recent communication had shifted from the dating app to text messaging.

After investigators reviewed the text messages between the two, police determined that “the conversation showed he was being honest and he really did just meet this female.”

Meanwhile, the woman reportedly told authorities that she had known the man for two years, he wouldn’t leave her alone, and she was pregnant with his baby. She claimed that he was abusive and threatening, court documents said.

The woman – 18-year-old Sumaya Thomas – finally admitted in the third interview with investigators that the accusations against the man were false, according to the affidavit. Thomas allegedly confessed that she got “cold feet” about meeting the man for a date. She fabricated the allegations against the man in the 911 call, according to the North Liberty Police Department.

Thomas told investigators that she didn’t think the police would help her unless she faked a more dire and pressing situation, according to court documents.

Thomas was charged with two counts of False Report of Indictable Offense to Public Entity and one count of False Report 911 call, according to KCRG. She was arrested and later released from Johnson County Jail.

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Johnson County Sheriff’s Office

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