Biden says his debate performance helped push undecided voters to his side during New Jersey fundraiser

President Joe Biden has reportedly concluded that his lackluster performance on the debate stage against former President Donald Trump earlier this week converted more undecided voters to his side.

Fox News Digital reported that the president made the bewildering claim while standing in front of donors during a fundraiser on Saturday at New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy’s home. While he conceded that his performance could have been much better, he insisted that the polling was still on his side.

‘That’s what I’ve seen in terms of support of Joe Biden, because for us, Joe Biden has always had our back, and we’re going to have his.’

“I didn’t have a great night, but I’m going to be fighting harder,” Biden told those at the party. “Research during the debate shows us converting more undecided voters than Trump did, in large part because of his conduct on Jan. 6. People remember the bad things during his presidency.”

Blaze News previously reported that the New York Times editorial board even suggested that the president would do well to step down and let someone else take the reins this election season.

“The president appeared on Thursday night as the shadow of a great public servant. He struggled to explain what he would accomplish in a second term. He struggled to respond to Mr. Trump’s provocations. He struggled to hold Mr. Trump accountable for his lies, his failures and his chilling plans. More than once, he struggled to make it to the end of a sentence,” the editorial board said.

Despite this criticism of the president, the board reiterated that they would still side with Biden over Trump in the end.

“If the race comes down to a choice between Mr. Trump and Mr. Biden, the sitting president would be this board’s unequivocal pick. That is how much of a danger Mr. Trump poses. But given that very danger, the stakes for the country and the uneven abilities of Mr. Biden, the United States needs a stronger opponent to the presumptive Republican nominee. To make a call for a new Democratic nominee this late in a campaign is a decision not taken lightly, but it reflects the scale and seriousness of Mr. Trump’s challenge to the values and institutions of this country and the inadequacy of Mr. Biden to confront him,” the piece continued.

“The clearest path for Democrats to defeat a candidate defined by his lies is to deal truthfully with the American public: acknowledge that Mr. Biden can’t continue his race, and create a process to select someone more capable to stand in his place to defeat Mr. Trump in November,” the editorial board wrote. “It is the best chance to protect the soul of the nation — the cause that drew Mr. Biden to run for the presidency in 2019 — from the malign warping of Mr. Trump. And it is the best service that Mr. Biden can provide to a country that he has nobly served for so long.”

Comedian Bill Maher recently stated that “Trump told lie after lie. He never would have gotten away with that if Joe Biden was there,” adding that, “You know Joe, he famously loves trains but apparently not of thought.”

Maher has broken ranks with Democrats on several issues, including the insistence that Biden is fit for another four years in the White House.

“I don’t want to say he s*** the bed, but his new Secret Service name is Amber Heard,’ Maher jokingly said, appearing to make a reference to Johnny Depp’s claim that his then-wife Heard had defecated on their bed during an argument in 2016.

However, it appears that most of the backlash against Biden has come from outside his inner circle. Democrats in Congress and across the country appear to remain supportive of the president despite concerns over his ability to govern the country for another term.

Democratic National Committee Chairman Jaime Harrison told MSNBC host Al Sharpton that most of the “hand-wringing” is stemming from the media.

“What I have seen is that galvanization, particularly in the Black community,” Harrison said. “I’m a Black man. I’ve seen the galvanization of support for Joe Biden because, you know, in the Black community, in your family, you can say all that you want to say about a member of your family, but don’t let somebody else.”

“That’s what I’ve seen in terms of support of Joe Biden, because for us, Joe Biden has always had our back, and we’re going to have his,” he added.

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