New claims surface that Democrats are PREPARING CONCENTRATION CAMPS for conservative “dissidents”

New claims surface that Democrats are PREPARING CONCENTRATION CAMPS for conservative “dissidents”

Dial it back to 2016, when every Democrat in America thought Hillary “Hitlery” Clinton had the election in the bag. The fake news media complex was already beginning to cast Donald J. Trump as a racist, misogynist, white supremacist, all-immigrant-hating rich white casino guy who would destroy democracy and ruin the economy. Bernie “Commie” Sanders even got cheated out of the Democratic nomination process, in the rigged primaries, scammed by the Associated Press and the DNC (Demoncrats of Nefarious Criminals). They even admitted it afterwards.

After “The Donald” won, fair and square, the Dems blamed Russia. It was all over the news, splattered on every liberal newspaper in the country (that’s just about all of them), covered every hour by every presstitute news pundit, and spewed daily from the mouths of Hillary, Oprah and every other Hollywood bought-and-sold celebrity. Four years. Four years this went on. Complete and utter ELECTION DENIALISM to the hilt. The “lib-tards” had massive temper tantrums, talking about moving out of the country (which none of them ever did), and spastic mental breakdowns that are now infamously known as “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

Nobody got accused of a crime. Nobody had to go to court over it. The FBI did NOT question anyone ever about this election denialism. Nobody went to jail for “election denialism,” or got sued for every penny they are worth (and then some) and nobody, literally NOONE served even one single minute in jail or prison for it. Four years, folks. Four long years conservatives just took the abuse and complaining because — that’s what you do when you lose.

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Dial it forward, to right now, in America, and the Democrats are getting ready to jail about a million times more conservatives than they already have languishing in DC gulags, and all for the upcoming election steal that they KNOW will create millions of election-denying “insurrectionists” and “domestic terrorists” and “far-right-wing extremists.”

Gulags for election denying Conservatives are being erected in all 50 U.S. states right now

Gulags for election denying Conservatives are being constructed in all 50 U.S. states right now, to house the “insurrectionists” after Dark Brandon’s team massively cheats to win POTUS again. Oh wait, you didn’t know there was an entire documentary about it?

Oh, it’s coming, it’s just a matter of to what degree. These are not holding tanks for illegal aliens. No. The entire open border policy is “catch and release,” and by release we mean Biden gives them thousands of dollars, a bus or plane ticket to any U.S. state, a driver’s license, residence (any white person’s house or business will do), voting rights, instant amnesty and a false promise this will be the way forevermore. Free stuff if you just vote for Dark Brandon’s team.

As for any U.S. citizen who does not like being replaced by illegal immigrants, having democracy literally crumble in their face and all the elections completely taken over by the Chinese Communist Party and their globalist cohorts, they will rot in the new concentration camps across America for their “crime” of election denialism, charged with dozens of counts of made up felonies and force-injected with billions of spike proteins, only to be “suicided” soon thereafter, if the clot shots don’t do them in first. At least that’s the likely plan.

That’s what’s next. Check the truth news on that. Cross check it. It’s real. Concentration camps, actual huge prisons that could hold tens of thousands of election denialists, are being resurrected like in Nazi Germany, and the Democrats have the gall to refer to Trump as Hitler. Get ready for election denial prison. Four weeks in the hole for singing the national anthem. A year in prison for displaying the American flag on your porch. Life in prison for recording the FBI at your front door when they come to question you for questioning the validity of Dark Brandon’s 81 million mailed-in ballots. Insurrectionists! Domestic Terrorists! Trumpers! Every conservative will be guilty of “thought crimes.”

Do your own research, and do NOT use Google. Try the search engine Brave BETA and get more truth news and real information. Tune your scamdemic frequency to for truth news that’s being censored from the rest of media as you read this.

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