Did Jill Biden FORCE Joe Biden to run again?

Between his empty stares and incoherent babbling, there’s no question that President Biden’s performance in the CNN Presidential Debate shocked the nation.

While it revealed just how unqualified our president is to be president, what came after might have been more revealing — when Jill Biden had to escort her husband off the stage and praised him, condescendingly, for answering questions.

In a video from CNN, Donald Trump is seen easily leaving the stage after the debate, but Joe is left standing there, waiting for his wife to slowly help him down the very short set of stairs.

Then, when Joe and the first lady take the post debate stage together, it gets worse.

“Joe you did such a great job, you answered every question, you knew all the facts,” Jill said in an infantilizing tone. “And let me ask the crowd, what did Trump do?”

“Lied!” she then yelled, pointing at the crowd.

The Biden crowd may have cheered in return, but those viewing the situation with a critical eye have been left wondering if the first lady may be the real driving force behind Biden’s re-election campaign.

Glenn Beck
is one of them.

“I believe that Jill Biden was the driving force behind Joe making this decision to run again and that there were people in the White House and people in the Democratic Party that knew that it was going to be a disaster,” Glenn says.

Biden’s apparent mental decline has long been a point of conversation — even on the left — but now it’s become impossible to ignore.

Even, maybe, for Jill Biden.

“She’s running a little dog-and-pony show where Joe is just kind of, you know, still looks like he was hit by a freight train, and she’s spinning this whole thing,” Glenn says. “I think this was a Democratic inside job to get her to have so much pressure, not him, her, to feel the pressure that he has got to go.”

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