GHOST IN THE ROOM: CNN’s Scott Jennings Questions Biden’s Fitness to Continue To Serve As POTUS

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The Regime Media’s meltdown continues apace in the wake of President Joe Biden’s calamitous debate performance, wherein the world saw what the American press could no longer conceal, dismiss, or spin as Russian disinformation and “cheap fakes”- Biden’s long-obvious physical and cognitive decline. As speculation continues over whether or not Biden should remain on the ticket, CNN contributor Scott Jennings addressed the ghost in the room: Biden’s continued fitness to serve as president.

Watch as Jennings schools the rest of the panel on CNN State of the Union, in the midst of a discussion over whether the candidates’ numbers are already baked in, polls notwithstanding:



9:32 AM

SCOTT JENNINGS: I think you can’t wish it away. I think you can’t call it a bad night. I don’t think you can compare it to anybody’s previous bad debate performances- it’s unlike anything we’ve ever saw; a scene in presidential campaigns. The deterioration of Joe Biden over four years is painfully obvious to everyone. To me, it really goes beyond the campaign. I mean, there’s reporting this morning about- from Axios about Joe Biden’s closest aides working very hard to shield access to him from virtually everyone over the last three-and-a-half years. I think people don’t really just have questions about the campaign today. I think they have questions about how the White House is running right now. I think they have questions about whether he can do the job today, let alone for four more years. And guys, I’m old enough to remember when Donald Trump, you know, was having trouble picking up a glass of water and walking down a slippery ramp and folks wanted to invoke the 25th Amendment. Now, to me- to me what we saw Thursday night…he’s not just a candidate. He’s the president. Right now. And so a lot of people I talk to want to know what’s going on in there, as is he up to the task today. 

As of this writing, much of the Sunday show focus remains on the continued viability of Biden’s candidacy. Jennings is the first (if not the only) commentator, when all is said and done, to question President Biden’s continued viability to execute the Office of President of the United States. And in a sane world, that should be the question of the day. 

As a way to bolster his argument, Jennings cited the devastating Axios item which no one on the panel disputed, which included anecdotal confirmation of Biden’s suspected Sundown Syndrome:

Between the lines: Biden’s miscues and limitations are more familiar inside the White House.

  • The time of day is important as to which of the two Bidens will appear.
  • From 10am to 4pm, Biden is dependably engaged — and many of his public events in front of cameras are held within those hours.
  • Outside of that time range or while traveling abroad, Biden is more likely to have verbal miscues and become fatigued, aides told Axios.

Much of what was plain to anyone with two functioning eyes and half a brain was dutifully spun by the access-seeking media. Especially after those disastrous trips to Europe for D-Day and the G7 Summit, where the gaslighting plumbed new lows.

If you don’t think that Biden’s continued fitness to serve should be the dominant post-debate question, then I invite you to consider the coverage that former President Donald Trump might draw after a performance like Biden’s. For one thing, there would be no concern over how the Republican ticket might perform in Trump’s absence, that’s for sure. Editorial pages across the country would skip calling for withdrawal and go straight to demanding removal pursuant to the 25th Amendment, as would hosts and pundits across the dial. 

Make no mistake: given how closely they have intertwined, this is as much a media scandal as it is a Biden scandal. As editorial boards across the country call for Biden to withdraw from the campaign, one wonders whether they will muster the intellectual honesty to arrive at the conclusion Jennings espoused this morning: if Biden’s unfit to run for president, he’s unfit to serve as president. Today.

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