Hollywood’s debate watch party with Rob Reiner and Jane Fonda ended in shouts and tears

The anecdotes of people within the power circles of the Democratic Party reacting to President Joe Biden’s poor debate performance keep coming, and much like their reaction to Donald Trump winning in 2016, they paint an ugly picture.

CNN reported on Sunday that a debate watch party in Los Angeles that featured Vice President Kamala Harris’ husband, Doug Emhoff, devolved into a pit of sadness minutes after it started due to Biden’s obvious mental decline:

Rob Reiner was screaming about losing and Jane Fonda had tears in her eyes.

While there were widespread calls on social media and TV for Biden to step down the night after the debate ended, Democrats and their allies are slowly coming around to say, publicly, Biden should stay. Biden has made it clear he is not getting out of the race.

Part of the reason is if Biden were to bow out, that means Harris, who is even less popular than Biden, would be up for election. Any other potential replacement candidate, like California Governor Gavin Newsom, would enrage the base for passing over a black woman for a white man. Finding another candidate this late in the election would be beyond messy and make Democrats look even more dysfunctional than they already are. There is also a question of how Democrats would face the issue of being way past states’ deadlines for appearing on the ballot.

‘Democrats know they are in trouble with sticking with the feeble Biden.’

MSNBC host Joy Reid published a video explaining how it does not matter if Biden were to be physically handicapped.

“I don’t care about Biden’s age, infirmity. He could be rolled around in a wheelchair. Don’t care. … Donald John Trump cannot be allowed back into the White House,” she said.

That said, Democrats know they are in trouble with sticking with the feeble Biden. NBC reported during a Biden campaign call with some of its top donors that a few of them asked for their contributions to be refunded while others were upset they were simply sitting through talking points about how Biden is still the Democrats’ candidate.

According to Politico, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer called Biden campaign chair Jennifer O’Malley Dillon to say she did not approve of people floating her name to step in and replace Biden, but she also warned after last week’s debate performance, Michigan “was no longer winnable for Biden.”

“The temperature is high,” one Democratic governor told Politico. “A lot of anxiety, a lot of folks at the edge of their seat.”

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