The Morning Briefing: MSM Hacks Are Just as Guilty of Elder Abuse as Jill Biden

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Happy Monday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Qalwyn felt that the foundation of his success was the summer he spent serenading dyspeptic yaks on a Nepalese gratitude farm. 


Well, I guess we know what we’re going to be talking about for a while. 

My habitual weekend news coma got off to a late start last Friday because I woke up early and was overcome by the urge to write one more thing about the Biden debate debacle. Once I slipped into it, however, I committed to it didn’t go anywhere near the news. When I finally got back to it on Sunday night, I greatly enjoyed seeing that the Democrats and their flying monkeys in the mainstream media were still flop-sweat flail mode. I mean, I knew they would be, but I’ll admit that it was amusing to see that they hadn’t yet taken a breath. 

The column I wrote on Friday was about the fact that I don’t think it matters what the Democrats end up doing as far as their nominee because Trump is running a sound campaign and any potential replacement can’t run away from Biden’s disastrous policies. There’s also the fact that the Dem bench is a real clown car. When Stephen Green and I were discussing it with Kevin Downey Jr. on Friday’s episode of “Five O’Clock Somewhere,” I couldn’t get through the list of names being floated without cracking up.

Matt wrote yesterday about some post-debate polling done by a lefty firm that shows Trump performing well against any Dem who ends up getting out of the aforementioned clown car. 

In Friday’s Briefing I mentioned that the surprise on the faces of the talking heads after the debate was genuine because they’re so caught up in their own lies. Deep down inside they know they’re full of it, of course. The real shock no doubt came because they were all-in on President LOLEightyonemillion reprising his amphetamine-fueled performance from the State of the Union. The panic hit them as soon as he shuffled on stage and couldn’t go full “Get off my lawn!” during his first response. 


There have been more than a few articles written since Thursday night that mentioned Jill Biden and “elder abuse.” These have been in media sources that are generally afraid to say anything about the Bidens. It’s nice when people finally start to get it; I first wrote about that in the summer of 2021

The “Gosh, we didn’t know he was that bad until Thursday night,” kabuki theater from the MSM hacks has been a bit much to take. Biden was no different during the debate than he’s been at any of his public appearances for months. As recently as last Wednesday, anyone who pointed out that he’s a train wreck was accused of making it up. 

The deluded media lapdogs have yet to come to grips with the fact that they don’t have the power in the American conversation that they used to. They believe that they can turn on a dime and no one will notice because they will tell the public what to think.

The Coastal Media Bubble™ elites have aided and abetted Jill Biden’s elder abuse of her husband since he threw his hat into the ring back in 2019. As you have read here before, in their lust to get rid of Donald Trump they created a Joe Biden who didn’t exist. That was before the overwhelming evidence of his mental decline was too obvious. Once that was evident, they began lying harder. 

What was originally rooted in Jill Biden’s heartless ambition also became a product of the mass hysteria brought on by Trump Derangement Syndrome. It’s fair to wonder how many of them are thoroughly awful to their own families as well. 


The United States of America is in chaos because a mentally unstable president has been propped up by people in the midst of a years-long tantrum who commit media malpractice for a living. This is getting wearisome. There aren’t enough mental health professionals in the Milky Way galaxy to help these people.

It’s not mean to say they’re all crazy when, you know, they’re all crazy. 

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