DeSantis says Biden ‘not cognitively capable’ of executing presidential duties

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has suggested that President Joe Biden is not mentally fit to carry out the duties of the presidency.

“Biden’s painful debate performance left an indelible mark with voters: it is clear that he is not cognitively capable of discharging the duties of the presidential office,” DeSantis declared in a post on X. “The media knew this and so the cries to replace Biden now are not because of a principled objection to a cognitively-impaired president but simply because they know he will lose the election.”

Earlier this year, after a lackluster performance in the Republican Iowa caucuses, DeSantis dropped out of the Republican presidential primary and endorsed former President Donald Trump.

GOP Rep. Chip Roy of Texas has put forward a resolution pressing for Vice President Kamala Harris to seek to use the 25th Amendment to have Biden declared incapable of executing the duties of the presidency.

Even the New York Times editorial board has indicated that Biden should bow out of the race.

But Democratic Sen. John Fetterman of Pennsylvania has continued to unflinchingly support Biden’s re-election bid in the wake of the president’s widely-panned debate performance against former President Donald Trump.

“I refuse to join the Democratic vultures on Biden’s shoulder after the debate. No one knows more than me that a rough debate is not the sum total of the person and their record,” Fetterman tweeted.

“Republicans are eager to campaign with a convicted felon without hesitation. But some Democrats are ‘freaking out’ over one rough debate, fueling a bulls[***] narrative. I’ve been proud to campaign with Biden then + I’m proud to keep doing it,” he declared in another post.

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