Jake Tapper Blows Whistle on Private Meeting Democrat Governors Held About Joe Biden

In a lot of ways, it feels like we’re witnessing the unraveling of the Biden campaign. The campaign is clearly in chaos right now, and for some reason, the White House thought that rolling Biden out of bed at 7:45 p.m. and giving him a spray tan so he could speak for all of four minutes would somehow solve their problems.


It didn’t, and the concern of Democrats about the future of Biden’s campaign isn’t going away. Now the Biden campaign has another problem to deal with.

Jake Tapper reported on X that Democratic governors recently held a private call expressing concerns about President Biden’s handling of current issues. The call, which Gov. Tim Walz (D-Minn.) organized, included only Democratic governors without any staff or representatives from the Biden campaign or the White House present. 

During this real-life Council of Elrond, the governors discussed their surprise at not hearing directly from Biden and expressed a desire for communication from him or his administration. They are seeking a meeting with Biden either at the White House or via Zoom, though nothing has been scheduled yet. The governors emphasized their need to hear directly from Biden amid growing concerns.


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Tapper is now reporting that the meeting between the governors and the White House is expected to take place on Wednesday.

A fresh report from CNN has more details.

On the call, some of the governors expressed surprise that a few of them had not heard from Biden himself about his debate performance. There was a strong sentiment on the call that they needed to hear from Biden directly on the matter.

There was also some discussion of having Vice President Kamala Harris address them.

The governors, one of the sources said, were worried about going public with their concerns out of fear that it would lead to Biden digging in further. Plans for the meeting at the White House are underway but it has not been scheduled.

The White House is eyeing a meeting with Democratic governors on Wednesday, a source familiar with the matter says. The meeting at the White House would likely include a mix of in-person and virtual attendance, the source said.

Biden’s advisers are also discussing the possibility of having the president travel to Wisconsin on Friday and Pennsylvania on Sunday, the source said.

Biden’s shaky debate performance last Thursday roiled some of his largest donors and sent Democrats into a panic about the future of his campaign


The White House and the Biden campaign’s efforts to quell concern about his campaign haven’t worked, and this problem isn’t going away. 

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