Leftists call for Biden to order U.S. military to ASSASSINATE Trump before he wins November election

Leftists call for Biden to order U.S. military to ASSASSINATE Trump before he wins November election

The political left in the United States is suffering a collective meltdown after the Supreme Court ruled that Donald Trump and all other ex-presidents are immune from criminal prosecution for all “official acts” they committed while they were public servants.

A parody image tweeted by “Max Kennerly” (@MaxKennerly) depicted the editorial board of the New York Times calling for Joe Biden to “serve his country” by launching a “drone strike” on Trump – “In full compliance with the Supreme Court’s ruling,” Kennerly captioned the image.

Another X user by the name of “Bradley P. Moss” (@BradMossEsq) announced to his followers and ultimately to the world that the Supreme Court ruling “just gave Biden unequivocal immunity to order the military to take action against Trump … Today. Right now.”

Then there was “Aaron Rupar” (@atrupar) who tweeted that Biden should simply cancel the election and order the U.S. military to keep himself in power as that would constitute an “official act.”

How about “Dash Dobrofsky” (@DashDobrofsky) who “strongly” encouraged Biden on X “to take advantage of his absolute immunity (as) lawfully granted by Trump’s Supreme Court Justice … to do whatever ‘official acts’ he needs to do in order to prevent Donald Trump from becoming President.”

“Harry Sisson” (@harryjsisson) actually called on Biden to send Seal Team 6 “to take all of them out,” referring to Trump and his friends and supporters.

“[Biden] could send in the military to take out Trump,” Sisson added. “He has ‘immunity’ for official acts now!”

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“David Aaronovitch” (DAaronovitch) flat-out called for the assassination of Trump:

“If I was Biden I’d hurry up and have Trump murdered on the basis that he is a threat to America’s security #SCOTUS.”

(Related: Steve Bannon claims that if reelected this fall, Trump will declassify all assassination documents on JFK, RFK, Malcolm X and MLK Jr.)

Will the three-letter agencies pay these keyboard warriors a visit?

All of these threats of insurrection and even assassination against former President Trump are clear-cut cases of potentially pre-meditated crimes that warrant investigation by the FBI, CIA and whichever other three-letter agencies typically deal with such things.

Were this the other way around with Trump supporters having called on Trump during his White House tenure to stay in office and prevent Biden from assuming office, you can be sure the deep state would have been all over it. Threats against Trump, conversely, seem to go unaddressed.

“Will the three-letter agencies pay a visit to these people who are threatening a former president or are they still too busy rounding up patriots from the J6 witch hunt?” asked “Cyndexia America Truther” (@TrutherAmerica) on X.

Another wrote that all of the above-quoted posts from X should have warranted the Secret Service at the very least paying them a visit for questioning.

“Arrest those making those threats,” wrote another.

“This just shows how pathetically they’ve been trying to come after Trump this entire time under the radar,” suggested another. “Now, they’re getting bolder with their wickedness and letting their true colors show.”

“They don’t want this country to be well or to prosper. They want to WIN an election for power – power to take out their opponents. This is so sick and twisted.”

With Elon Musk now in charge of private Twitter, one wonders what actions the electric vehicle (EV) guru is taking to have each and every account that is threatening the former president held to account.

“Death threats to anyone protected by the Secret Service (which includes former presidents) are a felony,” said another about the situation.

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