Lesbian Duo Baffled as to Why Muslim Gang Would Pummel Them. Who Wants to Break the News?

A gang of “Middle Eastern men” beat the potato salad out of a lesbian couple in Halifax, Nova Scotia, leaving the two zamis to wonder why the men would treat the ladies so viciously, especially considering it was during Pride month.


Emma MacLean, one of the women assaulted, posted to Facebook that there were between seven and ten men, all between the ages of 18 and 25 and “believed to be from Syria.”

As some may know, myself and my partner Tori were attacked on Saturday night by a group of 7-10+ middle eastern men, believed to be from Syria, aged 18-25 on Argyle Street in downtown Halifax. 

One particular individual, wearing a red shirt with a walking boot, initially made a sexually degrading comment to me. My partner Tori and this man got into a verbal altercation where this individual made several disgusting slurs, some being homophobic. Following this, the 7-10 men attacked me and my partner, throwing several punches and kicks to our faces, ribs, etc. 

The outcome of this attack has resulted in a broken nose, chipped tooth, several bruises and lumps on our head, faces, etc. We are extremely thankful that things were not worse. 

If anyone has any further information or had witnessed this event, or has personal video footage, I would be extremely grateful if you could share it. 

Stay safe and happy pride month.

MacLean would later admit that her girlfriend, Tori, followed the gang after they made homophobic slurs toward the women. That’s when things got spicy.

Tori was pushed to the ground, and that’s when the punches and kicks began to fly.

“I’m terrified to go downtown again in Halifax,” MacLean told CTV news. “I just feel like it’s so out of your control on what could happen. It’s overwhelming. I didn’t expect something like this to happen, especially with it happening during pride month as well.”


Whereas I certainly do not condone violence, especially when a group of animals beat two women, one has to wonder how a gay woman “didn’t expect something like this to happen, especially with it happening during pride month as well.”

For starters, these men are likely Muslims, and they hate gay people. Also, if MacLean thought Muslims give a crap about Pride month, she’s been subjected to some pretty dangerous social conditioning.

I once wrote about how a gay friend’s woke, social conditioning wouldn’t allow him to cross the street to avoid who he referred to as a “scary looking black man.” 

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I’m willing to bet MacLean believes “white supremacists” are Canada’s biggest problem, not the hordes of gay-hating Muslims being gavaged into the Great formerly White North.

This reminds me of the time Muslims took over the Michigan town of Hamtramck. Leftists cheered the victory and yet were stymied when the city council and mayor banned Pride flags on town property.

I’m willing to bet the two tribades can’t figure out why news outlets are blurring the pictures of the miscreants who beat the two women.


Though honestly, that’s when I knew the truth.

They probably don’t understand why a woman got more prison time for insulting a rapist than the rapist got for sexually assaulting a woman. They can’t understand why a female German politician was fined for quoting a crime stat regarding how “newcomers” committed a majority of gang rapes.

Hopefully, someday these women, and all gay people, will wake up and smell the roses.

“Replacement theory” isn’t about just replacing straight white people. According to an official from the State Department, it’s about changing the demographics of the United States. I’m betting Canada is part of that plan too.

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