MSNBC’s Joy Reid Predictably MELTS DOWN Over SCOTUS Immunity Ruling

MSNBC’s coverage of the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling in Trump v. United States, which clarifies the scope of presidential immunity therefore delineating the limits of executive power, was ridiculously funereal. Except for Joy Reid, who was just ridiculous.

There was a wide assortment of bad takes vomited on MSNBC air throughout the evening, but you’d be hard-pressed to find one as stupefyingly over-the-top as Reid on the early prime-time verdict special panelpalooza. Be sure to hang on as Reid takes you on a journey inside her fevered delusions:



7:31 PM

CHRIS HAYES: Joy, just before we go to break, there’s also the- to your point earlier about the sort of clarity of this, or the stakes, the one thing I was thinking about, too, and this is Rachel’s point, is just how clarifying this is about the stakes of the election. To the extent that there is some activating small-d democratic energy that can be brought out what I think is a genuinely appalling move by the Court. I wonder if you feel the same way about that.”

JOY REID: It’s very clarifying. They might as well have added- by the way, please google Project 2025”, because we are essentially authorizing- and not just authorizing. Really sort of calling on Donald Trump — they repeatedly talk about bold and decisive action. What bold and decisive action do they have in mind? Probably the exact same bold and decisive action that the Heritage Foundation has in mind. Heritage Action has in mind. Leonard Leo had in mind. Steve Bannon has in mind. And what I think what they’re saying to the American people is that if we get- ”we”, this Leonard Leo Six, get our preferred president back, we’re going to encourage him to break the boundaries of the law, push it to the limit, to feel free to even use violence, to use mass incarceration. “Go ahead and do those camps. Do whatever you need to do to take the bold and decisive action that we repeatedly have said is necessary for the function of the presidency, to get the agenda done, and we’ll protect you and we’ll let you know, Donald Trump, when you’ve gone too far and only then will you be stopped.” This is a clarion call to every American. By the way, that debate is like 34 felony counts old and it does not matter any more. All that matters is that you do not allow the person back into office who will use this power that he’s been given by this Court, this imperial Court, to implement that agenda they wrote down and published because they know that no one will stop them except voters. It doesn’t matter if Biden is old. It don’t matter. It don’t matter if he’s old. What matters is that the other guy wants to be a king, and this Court has said “yes”, you are a king, and we are The King’s Hand. And together the seven of us will rule this country.  

From watching this overwrought hyperventilation disguised as “analysis”, one can only conclude that Reid did not read the ruling. Or that of she did, she failed to comprehend the words located therein which were written in the English language. 

The language in the ruling makes crystal clear that the President of the United States has neither absolute power nor absolute immunity. All that Trump does is to clarify the extent to which immunity applies.

The real reason Reid and everybody else on MSNBC is raging is because Trump will severely curtail the ongoing  weaponized government prosecutions of the 45th President of the United States. The federal cases are imperiled, the Georgia case is stuck in limbo, and there is now a motion to vacate the jury conviction in the New York business records case.

Furthermore, and as is noted elsewhere, it is the height of hypocrisy to whine about runaway executives flouting the law when the Regime figurehead that MSNBC serves is seen to be constantly bragging about defying the Supreme Court. This bragging about flouting the Supreme court is then rewarded with extensive airtime.

If it weren’t for Regime Media, we’d have no media at all. 

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