Poll finds support for Trump is soaring after devastating debate for Biden

A new poll found that many more Americans believed former President Donald Trump won the CNN Presidential Debate than those who say President Joe Biden won.

The Harvard CAPS Harris poll also found that Trump was heavily favored to win the election after soaring by 6% after the head-to-head.

‘Respondents said that inflation was their top concern, followed by immigration and the economy.’

The results broadly echoed the panicked fallout among Democrats after a devastating and humiliating debate for Biden. Some Democrats and news outlets have openly called for Biden to step down from the campaign in order to allow someone else to run against Trump.

52% of poll respondents said that Trump won the debate, while only 22% said that Biden won the debate. The rest, 26%, said they were unsure or didn’t know who won.

When asked who they would support for president in the election, 47% said they would support Trump and only 41% said they would support Biden.

Although Biden is underperforming on all issues, the few policy positions on which he does the best are those related to abortion, racial equality, and creating jobs. When asked what the most important issues facing the country were, respondents said that inflation was their top concern, followed by immigration and the economy.

Both parties are unpopular, with the approval rating for Republicans dropping to 44% while the approval rating for Democrats had dropped to 41%.

Democrats are also being damaged by the immigration crisis, as a large majority, 79%, responded that crimes committed by illegal aliens is a major problem, and 64% said that Democrats are keeping the border open.

A separate poll about the debate found that the percentage of respondents who said Biden should not serve as president over his mental and cognitive deficiencies had risen from 65% to 72% after the debate.

While most have acknowledged that Biden’s troubling debate performance has cast a dark shadow on his chances to stay in the presidential race, some on the left have tried to blame CNN and its moderators for failing to fact-check Trump in real time.

“I’m going to go home tonight, kiss my kid and wife goodnight, pour a stiff drink,” said anti-Trump political strategist Mike Murphy, “and have a quiet cry.”

The Harvard Harris poll included responses from more than 2,000 registered voters online.

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