The Morning Briefing: There’s Poetry in Clarence Thomas Being a Thorn in Joe Biden’s Lawfare

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The 2024 United States Presidential election certainly isn’t lacking any drama, is it? A lot of it feels like a hangover from the 2020 election because we’ve got the same candidates, but there are some twists this time around. 

Chief among them is the Democrats’ attempt to “win” the election via corrupt members of the judiciary. They don’t rest on their election anomaly laurels, the Dems. They knew that they would be saddled with Joe Biden as the nominee again and figured that the Magic Mail-In Ballot Machine might not be enough to get the old boy across the reelection finish line, so they needed a new tactic. 

Trump has been counter-punching, of course, and yesterday was given his biggest victory yet in his battle with Joe Biden’s Department of Justice. This is from Matt

On Monday, the United States Supreme Court ruled 6-3 in Trump v. United States that presidents have “absolute immunity” from criminal prosecution for official acts, a major victory for former President Donald Trump. 

“Under our constitutional structure of separated powers, the nature of Presidential power entitles a former President to absolute immunity from criminal prosecution for actions within his conclusive and preclusive constitutional authority. And he is entitled to at least presumptive immunity from prosecution for all his official acts,” the ruling, written by Chief Justice Roberts, explains. “There is no immunity for unofficial acts.”


This decision presents a variety of problems for those who are legally harassing Trump. Matt Vespa writes over at Townhall that it could even have implications for the recently concluded Soviet show trial in Manhattan.

The most intriguing part of the decision was Justice Clarence Thomas’s concurring opinion, which gives Trump ammunition in his battle with Special Counsel Jack Smith and is, as Victoria writes, “a multi-page dismantling of the legality of the special counsel’s office.”

Biden was trotted out well past his bedtime to complain about the ruling. He’d been given a bad spray tan and just enough Adderall to enable him to read off of a teleprompter for a few minutes. He didn’t take any questions, of course. 

President LOLEightyonemillion and his handlers had a lot riding on Merrick Garland’s rogue special counsel attack on Trump, and it has to be particularly galling in what’s left of his mind that Clarence Thomas is the SCOTUS justice throwing a massive monkey wrench into the plan. 

It was almost exactly 33 years ago when, as Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Joe Biden did everything he could to destroy Thomas’s reputation and keep him off of the Supreme Court. He enabled Anita Hill and her spurious accusations and attempted character assassination. 

Democrats didn’t want Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court because they all have a visceral hatred of Black conservatives. Heck, their media lapdogs still trot out Anita Hill every so often for no good reason whatsoever and treat her like royalty just to give them an excuse to rehash her lies about Thomas. 


Joe Biden was the lead attack dog for the Democrats’ unsuccessful attempt to derail Clarence Thomas’s journey to the Supreme Court, and he was an utter sleazebag. In fact, it was his behavior during the Thomas confirmation hearings that firmly established that he was one of the most divisive people in Washington. 

The kindly uniter story that the MSM hacks told about Biden in 2020 had absolutely no basis in reality, and no one knew that better than Clarence Thomas. 

Yes, there truly is something poetic about the fact that Thomas is still on the Supreme Court and that the court has something to say about the perversion of the judicial system in the effort to keep Joe Biden around.

Don’t be surprised if NPR is soon overcome by the urge to interview Anita Hill. 

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