Three women and teenager were kidnapped by two men, held inside shipping containers and sexually assaulted, Pa. police say

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Pennsylvania police arrested two men for a slew of charges related to the alleged kidnapping and sexual assault of three women and a teenage female.

Monroe County District Attorney Michael Mancuso said the case involved “a car chase, there were kidnappings, transportation to places of isolation, threats of murder, of mayhem, and sexual assaults.”

‘You think you can see this, you think you can catch it, but in reality it can be in broad daylight. It can be someone you speak to every day.’

Mancuso said that 29-year-old Davaun Jackson and 19-year-old Isaiah Rogers-Keeney were trying to keep the four females quiet after two of them witnessed a shooting in the city of Wilkes-Barre.

“There was one minor there. The minor was 17 years old. The other ones were, the age range was I believe 18 to 21,” he added.

The two men abducted the four females and brought them to a remote property owned by Jackson in Smithfield Township of Monroe County, according to police. The females were tied up and placed in several shipping containers.

Investigators said Jackson threatened the captives with a chainsaw, sledgehammer, and an axe on June 24. He allegedly forced two of the victims to have sex or be subjected to having a body part cut off.

When the victims were transported to a second site, one of them was allowed to have her phone back, and she quickly called her mother, who then called police. They were able to escape and make their way to a Walmart.

Police were able to find the allegedly kidnapped women when a tipster informed them that two women fitting their descriptions were seen at a Walmart.

Rogers-Keeney is facing 23 charges while Jackson is facing 14 charges, including some in common, which are kidnapping, sexual assault and false imprisonment. Mancuso said police may file additional charges against the man depending on the findings of their investigation.

“We needed to make the charges that we thought were most appropriate now, but everything’s on the table,” he added.

Bail was denied for both men.

Kristoff Johnson, the owner of a car repair shop near Jackson’s property said he was shocked by the revelations.

“You think you can see this, you think you can catch it, but in reality it can be in broad daylight. It can be someone you speak to every day,” said Johnson to

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