Trump immunity case EXPLAINED: Alan Dershowitz’s biggest takeaways

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Yesterday, in a landmark decision, the Supreme Court determined in a 6-3 ruling that former presidents have broad immunity from prosecution for actions related to the core powers of their office.

This will send Trump’s case back to the lower courts where it will be determined whether or not his January 6 actions were official or unofficial.

How should we interpret this ruling, and what does it mean going forward? Glenn Beck, Stu Burguiere, and Alan Dershowitz discuss the case.

Trump Immunity Case EXPLAINED: Alan Dershowitz’s Biggest

“I think it’s a win for the republic,” says Glenn.

Dershowitz agrees and adds that it’s likely a win for Donald Trump too, as “it probably means there won’t be a trial before the election.”

However, “I think [the ruling] is going to be hard to implement in practice because everything the president does, he does as president. That’s very hard to separate out private acts from public acts,” he explains.

Further, “There is no actual official process to figure out whether these are official acts or not, so this is a maze of legal rulings and challenges,” adds Stu.

And there’s another potential problem.

“It’s going to be implemented by the lower courts, and the lower court of the District of Columbia [is] completely biased against Trump,” says Dershowitz, adding that “it may come back to the Supreme Court.”

But Glenn has a prediction.

If “President Trump loses this election … these cases will just disappear,” but “if [Trump] wins this election, they’ll fight it tooth and nail, and they’ll drag him all the way through.”

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