WATCH: Woke church celebrates queer youth — ‘You are queer enough as you are’ — and then invokes the ‘queer ancestors’?!

As the woke mob grows ever louder and crazier, some Western churches are bending the knee and embracing values contrary to biblical principles, especially when those values earn them the checkmark of approval from the LGBTQ+ community.

Pat Gray and the “Unleashed” team turn their gaze toward the Pilgrim United Church of Christ in Carlsbad, California, where at a recent service, a “call to worship” involved rejecting all messages that spoke against the LGBTQ+ agenda.

WATCH: Woke Churches Abandon Faith for ‘Pride’ in BLASPHEMOUS

Pat plays the clip of an adult church official and a child assistant standing in front of a rainbow Pride flag while reading the following blasphemous creed to the congregation:

Officiant: “In the image of God, You created everything and called it good.”

Child: “In abundant diversity, Your likeness is found in us.”

Officiant: “We reject all messages that belittle or degrade any among us.”

Child: “And so in faithfulness to God and one another we proclaim: Sacred are our bodies of every size and disability. Blessed are our sexualities, throwing us towards love of many kinds.”

Unsurprisingly, the creed also touched on gender and race.

“[God] created your body, so do whatever you want with it,” mocks Pat, who’s disgusted by the sacrilegious display.

In the same service, another pair got up on stage and proclaimed: “Help us mirror to one another that you are a God who makes no mistakes.”

Pat sees a glaring inconsistency.

“Right! He’s a God who makes no mistakes. … If you’re a man, you’re a man; if you’re a woman, you’re a woman. He didn’t make a mistake, so what is the deal here?”

“For queer youth — you are beautiful and wonderfully made as you are. You are queer enough as you are. Your journey to discover who you are in your queerness is a gift to bear witness to and worthy of celebration. Keep going. Keep embracing yourself as you are in bloom. You are enough as you are, and you are a yes to God — always,” the duo continued.

If that wasn’t weird enough, the “queer ancestors” were addressed next.

“For queer ancestors — thank you for your relentless resistance so that advocacy, love, care, and justice could be manifested and continued in this moment.”

Unfortunately, this blasphemous madness isn’t isolated to the Pilgrim United Church. It’s something that is becoming quite common. To see what other woke churches are promoting, watch the clip above.

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