What Happened to Joe Biden’s Brain?

During the presidential debate last Thursday night, the entire world began asking questions: What the hell happened to Joe Biden? What happened to this guy’s brain? Who is really running the United States? 


We’re willing to bet that most voters don’t know or remember that when he was 45, during the Reagan Administration, Sen. Joe Biden suffered multiple brain aneurysms and needed risky surgery to save his life. Between two aneurism surgeries, Biden suffered a near-fatal blood clot in his brain. 

Despite brain surgeries the same year, Joe Biden (and his family) ran for the 1988 Democrat presidential primary. His sister Valerie ran his campaign. Hunter and Beau, though young, were supportive. Jill was all in. 

Biden, however, was forced out of the race when he was caught lying about his university record, found to have stolen speeches without attribution from Robert F. Kennedy and Hubert Humphrey, and, astonishingly, took the entire life story of British Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock and passed it off as his own. Life was so insular in Joe Biden’s Delaware that he didn’t think he’d get fact-checked. 

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A Delaware News Journal newspaper reported at the time that Biden had hoped to use the Robert Bork nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court to make his bones with the American public. 

“There will be other presidential campaigns … and I’ll be there,” Biden said. “But for now, folks, I’ve got to go handle the Bork hearings.”

Biden’s withdrawal came as he chaired the confirmation hearings of Supreme Court nominee Robert H. Bork, a task that was supposed to have given his campaign a major boost.


Biden would later orchestrate the “high-tech lynching” of another conservative nominee, Clarence Thomas. 

Here he is in 2013 joking about his surgeries on both sides of his brain and their effect on his 1988 campaign for president. 

A more addled Biden joked recently about his brain issues. 

“Turns out I had two cranial aneurysms… and an operation saved my life,” he said. “And I had a second operation… because they found an aneurysm on the other side. I joke that the reason they went in twice to take the top of my head off is because they couldn’t find a brain the first time.” Polite laughs ensue. 

Nobody’s laughing anymore.

There could be a throughline between Biden’s brain issues then and why he looks like a stiff-legged, already-embalmed shadow of his former self.

In a recent article about Biden’s brain problems, The Washington Post detailed how dire the then-senator’s problems were.


Instead of heading to an emergency room, Biden flew home with an aide to Wilmington, Del., where he tried to get some sleep. Awakened hours later by even greater pain, he rushed to St. Francis Hospital. It wasn’t a pinched nerve. Doctors found blood in his spinal fluid, and then a dangerous balloon-shaped bulge — an aneurysm — on an artery wall at the base of the brain. 

Even worse, Biden’s aneurysm had already burst, leaking blood around the base of his brain. The danger was immense: If the aneurysm burst again and sent blood coursing into his brain, it could mentally and physically disable him — or be fatal. 

In 2015, Biden’s son Beau would die of brain cancer. The elder Biden asserts without evidence that this was caused by garbage burn piles during Beau’s one-year deployment as a lawyer in Iraq. Often, he says his son died in Iraq, an act of stolen valor. 

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Despite the personal losses, nothing much has changed in Biden World. Joe still has brain problems but is the family rainmaker. He’s mean and inscrutable. Family money comes first. The country exists to extend him its comforts. 

He’s greedier than Hillary Clinton.

Amazingly, the addled president pulled off a four-minute speech after Monday’s Supreme Court immunity ruling. However, he neglected to add in his four minutes of hate that the court was forced to rule on this issue because of Biden’s own lawfare against his opponent, former President Donald Trump. Biden World’s 2024 election plan is to try, convict, and imprison the presumed Republican nominee for president. 


Instead of questioning whether Biden’s brain issues of the past are prologue, the vestigial news media posits them as a profile of courage, not an existential threat to our country. The rest of us see a man with an unquenchable thirst for money and power desperately trying to reframe his life as Delaware’s Camelot. 

And these frauds will keep trying as long as this translucent corpse still breathes — the country be damned.

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