Will Latest Video Release by Wisco Rolf, “BIDENFLATION BLUES”, Become a Cult Classic?


Guest post by Joe Hoft at JoeHoft.com – republished with permission

Will new recording by Wisco Rolf “Bidenflation Blues” become a classic?

Wisco Rolf from Wisconsin has become quite the songwriter. Bidenflation Blues may be his best yet. “Wisco” Rolf Lindgren is the Pints and Politics Director of the Republican Party of Dane County in Wisconsin.

Hanna Bettner is the Leader of the Mideast Salsa Dance band.

Here is Bidenflation Blues:

Here are the words to Bidenflation Blues by Wisco Rolf.

Hey Joe Biden
Federal Reserve too
You got me bankrupt
Ya haven’t got a clue

You tax away my living
Can’t save a cent
You take all my money
None left to pay my rent

I got the blues
Joe Bidenflation blues

Ain’t a high-browed democrat
Am Joe Sixpack to you
Grew up eating pizza
Burritos and Mountain Dew

You give me that worthless dollar
It’s value is pretty lame
Ready to switch to bitcoin
It’s a lowdown dirty shame

I got the blues
Joe Bidenflation blues

[blues instrumental]

Please cut the regulations
Want my rent real cheap
Want my taxes low
Drowning in debt so deep

When you start mandating
You really rigged the game
Prices goin’ up and up and up and up
My check remains the same

That’s why I got the blues
Joe Bidenflation blues

Lyrics & vocals by Wisco Rolf, keyboards by Hanna Bettner, dedicated to B.B. King

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