Can You Believe the White House Did This to Joe Biden?

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I’m not sure who thought rolling Joe Biden out of bed at 7:45 p.m. for a speech attacking the Supreme Court was a great idea.

The White House and the Biden campaign are colluding to contain the fallout from Biden’s disastrous debate performance last week, and they decided a short address to the nation to react to the Supreme Court decision in Trump v. United States would be helpful. Naturally, just as Biden’s brief appearance after the release of the Hur report was a bad idea, so was this. 


For one thing, when I say Biden’s address Monday was short, that’s an understatement. He was out there for a mere four minutes and took no questions after delivering what was essentially a campaign speech packed with lies, delivered from the White House, in which he called on the American people to “render a judgment” in November. 

“So now, now the American people have to do what the Court should have been willing to do but will not. The American people have to render a judgment about Donald Trump’s behavior. The American people must decide whether Donald Trump’s assault on our democracy on January 6 makes him unfit for public office, the highest office of the land,” Biden said. “The American people must decide if Trump’s embrace of violence to preserve his power is acceptable. Perhaps most importantly, the American people must decide if they want to entrust the president, once again, the presidency to Donald Trump, now knowing he’ll be more emboldened to do whatever he pleases, whenever he wants to do it.”

The speech may have been short, but it was a brutal four minutes. It was clear why it wasn’t longer. Once again, even with the benefit of the teleprompter, Biden slurred and mumbled his way through it with the energy of a sloth.


You can watch the entire address here, but please don’t do so while driving or operating heavy machinery, as it might put you to sleep.

But let’s move on from Biden’s lies and low-energy performance. Did you notice his face?

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It seems that, as part of the effort to calm the waters as many on the left call on Biden to step aside and let another Democrat run for president, the White House decided to give Biden a spray tan. That seemed to dominate the conversation on social media more than anything he said.


Did they really think a spray tan was going to cover up Biden’s physical and mental decline? 

Somehow, Team Biden has only managed to make things worse for him.

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