DNC considering early nomination for Biden after clown show debate performance

To ensure his name remains on November ballots, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) wants to nominate Joe Biden early so Democrat insiders will not have the ability to replace him.

Internal discussions are reportedly ongoing about whether Biden should be retired and replaced, which is striking fear into those at the DNC who seem to recognize that apart from major fraud, Donald Trump will win the 2024 election – especially if Biden is removed and replaced at the last minute.

In an effort to try to unify the Democrat Party following Biden’s dismal debate performance, the DNC hopes to fast-track Biden’s nomination to as soon as July 21 during the DNC credentials committee meeting.

“The strategy has been met with mixed reactions, with some viewing it as a necessary step to maintain party unity, while others see it as a risky move that could alienate certain factions within the party,” reads a Grok summary of posts on X about the situation.

(Related: Some leftists want Biden to order the assassination of Trump now that he has full immunity just like Trump.)

Is it even legal to replace Biden with anyone other than Kamala Harris?

Someone named “Dana Houle” (@DanaHoule) wrote that what the DNC is scheming up right now may not even be possible, legally speaking.

“Democrats cannot nominate anyone except Joe Biden or Kamala Harris,” Houle wrote. “It’s impossible.”

“If the Biden candidacy ends, so does the Biden campaign. It’s not transferable. Anyone else other than possibly Kamala Harris would have to start from nothing. That can’t be done.”

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Newsweek ran an entire piece calling for Harris to be nominated instead of Biden for the Democrat ticket. Cackling Kamala, tweeted Tim Ryan (@TimRyan), “has significantly grown into her job” and will “destroy Trump in debate, highlight choice issue, energize our base, bring back young voters and give us generational change.”

How Ryan estimates that Harris will accomplish all of this in between her blank stares and constant hyena-like laughing is not specified in his tweet or in the Newsweek article.

“Biden drops out, GOP lawyers block the ballot change in Wisconsin so Harris has to run as a write-in, and the election goes to Trump because 1000 people couldn’t spell Kamala,” joked “Shadow Of The Nerdtree” (@agraybee) about something that could potentially happen, believe it or not.

If the DNC can successfully nominate Biden early, it will prevent an open convention from taking place that allows voters the chance to pick someone else who is much younger and actually qualified.

Hunter Biden, Joe’s drug-addicted criminal son, is reportedly the “strongest voice” in the family right now that is calling for his dad to remain in the race. According to Hunter, Joe is the “smartest” man he knows.

“Hunter Biden wants Americans to see the version of his father that he knows – scrappy and in command of the facts – rather than the stumbling, aging president Americans saw on Thursday night,” The New York Times reported.

Others speculated that perhaps the DNC will keep Joe in the president slot and replace Harris with Gavin Newsom, California’s Democrat governor, or Gretchen Whitmer, Michigan’s Democrat governor. Both Newsom and Whitmer proved during the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “pandemic” that they are fully on board with full-scale tyranny, so they are a perfect fit as a later replacement for senile Biden.

“We have no idea what the democrats will do but there are real legal obstacles to removing Biden at this point,” tweeted attorney Tom Renz. “Unless Biden agrees to step aside, removing him would be very difficult under the law of a number of states. That said, the democrats don’t care about the law so who knows.”

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