Gavin Newsom DESTROYED for tyrannical COVID response by Adam Carolla

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When comedian Adam Carolla recently scored a spot guest hosting on News Nation, he ended up face-to-face with California Gov. Gavin Newsom.

And he happily took that golden opportunity to call the governor out for what he did to Californians during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Governor, why did you shut the beaches in California during COVID?” Carolla asked Newsom.

“I think we were all working on information at the time, we had no basis of deeply understanding the virus,” Newsom responded, before Carolla fired back.

“If you didn’t know anything, then why’d you shut the beaches?” he asked angrily.

“Well, we didn’t know,” Newsom stuttered, adding, “People were concerned early in the pandemic, information was coming out as it related to how it was transferred, the disease, and people were cautious trying to keep people alive.”

“You didn’t let us go in the sunshine and get vitamin D and exercise, so he shut the beaches. Ok, and you arrested a guy that was paddle boarding in the bay,” Carolla continued, adding, “Any science behind that? Any science at all behind shutting down outdoor dining? Why’d you shut down outdoor dining?”

Newsom uncomfortably smiled and dodged questions during the interview, while Carolla continued to talk over him citing the grievances of Californians everywhere.

Dave Rubin, an ex-Californian himself, understands the anger.

“If you think I hate Gavin Newsom,” Rubin says, “Carolla might be the one man on Earth that hates him more than me, and he still lives in California.“

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