Lawyer Shows Lefty Logic Really Condemns Dems, Not Trump

A former Trump official and attorney showed how lefty logic — if such a word can be applied in this case — in hysterical meltdowns about Donald Trump‘s supposed new power to assassinate opponents backfires, applying rather to Democrat demagogues.


Former Trump Department of Justice (DOJ) assistant AG Jeff Clark posted on X July 2 to address outrageous assertions online and also in Justice Sotomayor’s dissent about the recent Supreme Court ruling. The Court agreed that Trump does have presidential immunity, which leftists interpreted as giving him dictatorial powers. 

But Clark countered, “The hidden potentates that are the powers lurking behind Biden, pulling the strings and calling the shots,” particularly Barack Obama, are the individuals about whom Americans should be worried. Trump isn’t the threat to our Republic — the power-hungry oligarchs pulling the strings in the Biden administration are.

Clark began his explanation, “Let’s take a step back from two pivotal events within the span of the last week: 1) the presidential debate and 2) the Supreme Court immunity decision. The Left tells us the immunity decision makes the President a king. So be very afraid of Donald J. Trump. Scary.”

As usual, Democrats, in true Marxist fashion, are accusing a political opponent of an issue that is actually theirs. “But Trump is *not* President right now. Joe Biden is, at least, the titular President. So I would say, by the Left’s logic, you must fear Biden,” Clark emphasized. “But Biden is senile, as we learned from the debate. Of course, some of us knew much earlier, but let’s say ordinary people who follow politics only sporadically just came to know of Biden’s dementia — because of media lying and covering for Biden — only last Thursday.”


We all know “that means Biden is the President in name only. Maybe there’s only one person who’s really running the Executive Branch at this point, but I tend to think it’s a coterie of close advisors — all of whom seem to trace back to Obama days.” It seems awfully accurate to say we are living through the third Obama term in office.

Clark added, “So now you’ve arrived at whom you should really fear every day between now and the election and possibly between now and 11:59 am on January 20, 2025: The hidden potentates that are the powers lurking behind Biden, pulling the strings and calling the shots. After the immunity decision, they are the oligarchs you should fear, if you follow MSNBC and New York Times logic. Not Trump.”

RelatedLeftists Call for Trump’s Assassination Online

We know whose supporters are thirsting for the blood of their political opponents. As I recently reported, a number of leftists, including an influencer on the Biden campaign, suggested in response to the Supreme Court ruling that Biden should assassinate Trump. For years, leftists have openly fantasized about death or life imprisonment for Trump or others of his supporters. The mob violence, virulent hatred, and physical attacks usually come from the left, not the right, in America. As Clark noted, especially given their anti-constitutional record, the elites we should worry about are in the Biden administration.


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