‘NFL told me to LIE to my wife’ Derek Wolfe exposes absurdity of NFL vax mandates

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Super Bowl Champion Derek Wolfe may be an NFL veteran now, but he was making defensive tackles on the Baltimore Ravens as recently as 2021.

Wolfe announced his retirement in 2022 and wasn’t left with the best memories from his last couple of seasons.

“It was hell,” Wolfe tells Alex Stein, recalling the COVID years. “It made football suck. It did. It took the one thing I loved to do the most and it made me hate it.”

“‘You have to put a mask on as soon as you take your helmet off,’” he mimics. “Dude, I was just on the field head-butting these dudes. Spit flying, blood, sweat, and then you’re telling me I got to put a mask on?”

Wolfe also recalls grabbing a protein shake after a two-day practice.

“I’m drinking it, walk in next day, I got a $15,000 fine on my locker,” Wolfe says. “They said I refused to wear a mask.”

“I was like you’re literally taking money out of my bank account because you saw me walk 15 steps without a mask on,” he continues, adding, “You know these don’t work, and I was like, you know underwear doesn’t stop a fart.”

“It’s all about compliance, just like the vaccine,” Stein says in agreement.

The pressure put on NFL players to get the vaccine was even worse.

“When the vaccine finally became available, we had a coach stand up in front of the whole defense, really the whole team, and said, ‘If we got a player, we got two players of the same caliber. One’s vaccinated, one’s not, and we have to pick one, the guy that’s vaccinated is getting the job,’” he explains.

“Every day they harassed me to get the vaccine. I told them, I said, ‘Listen. My wife is like 1,000% against this, and she will lose her s*** if I get a vaccine,’” he says. “They were like, ‘Well, we can just lie to her.’”

“’You want me to lie to my wife about this,’” he continues, “’you’re out of your mind.’”

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