Radical Islamic Violence Poisons European Countries

Islam always destroys every country where it becomes a majority. What is terrifying is that such a fate could indeed befall multiple European countries. There are already constant reports of Muslims raping, assaulting, and murdering locals across Europe.


In Spain, in an area popular with tourists and British expats, a “local family man” was brutally killed by three Moroccans after he had defended a teen girl they were trying to assault. David Lledo’s partner was sexually assaulted by Mohamed, the ringleader of the Moroccans who were squatting in a luxury villa, per Olive Press via JihadWatch. David also defended a 15-year-old the Moroccans were harassing. Reportedly, the squatters had been attempting to kick down people’s doors and chasing girls. Seeking “revenge” on David in particular, because he had defended one of their victims, the three Moroccans waited outside David’s house, attacked him with bats, and beat him to death.

The squatters had reportedly been causing problems in the area for a month, and yet nothing seems to have been done about them, since they were still free and able to murder David. Nor were these the only Moroccan squatters in the area; two locals said Moroccans were moving into homes and causing havoc. How beautifully all that Western tolerance and welcoming of Muslim migrants is working out…

Meanwhile, in Belgium, the People’s University of Brussels group and other pro-Hamas organizations occupied and trashed a building at the Free University of Brussels, according to the Jerusalem Post. The whiny radicals complained of supposed police brutality. They also had renamed the building they occupied for Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine terrorist Walid Daqqah.

Belgian pro-Palestinian groups shared a post on Instagram on Tuesday promising to continue with their activism, proclaiming “It is not an expulsion: It is the beginning of a movement!”…

The same day as the encampment’s clearing, Belgian League against Antisemitism President Joel Rubinfeld shared the claim of a Jewish woman who said that while walking her dog past the encampment she had received abuse from the student activists who allegedly called her “Jew” in Arabic and “dirty Bourgeois”. The activists were accused of throwing objects at her, resulting in a cut. She was also threatened, supposedly told “we are going to take off your head and your dog’s too”, and “you are going to pay for the others.”


It wouldn’t exactly be surprising. Dogs, by the way, are considered unclean in Islam. Indeed, Muslims from many countries see animals that are Western pets as food. For instance, when I visited Israel, I noticed that cats abounded in Israeli-controlled areas, whereas Palestinian-controlled areas had no cats at all. I later found out the Palestinians ate all the cats that used to live in the cities I visited.

Germany, also, is a hotspot of Muslim migrant violence and crime. And this recent story via Jihad Watch highlights why the problem is likely to worsen instead of improve:

Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser (SPD) has commented on the suspected perpetrator, an 18-year-old Syrian, who, according to the police, is said to have killed 20-year-old Philippos T. in Bad Oeynhausen. Faeser showed sympathy for the perpetrator and did not comment on the victim or the bereaved.

“Today is a very bad day on which we have to discuss the murder of a young person. Where the perpetrator is a refugee who has lived in a refugee shelter for eight years. Who knows nothing else. And I believe that we need to talk much more about this form of unsuccessful social integration,” said Faeser.

D*mn right this is unsuccessful social integration, you stupid Karen. Most of these Muslim migrants are never going to integrate, because they believe Allah wants them to take over the country, destroy the native culture and religion, and impose Sharia.

Speaking of cultural disconnect… the UK Daily Mail reported, “Dr. Mohammad bin Abdulkarim Al-Issa, Secretary General of The Muslim World League, said ‘unwarranted suspicion’ of Islam could drive moderate followers of the religion to form the hardline views that lead to terrorism.” What this individual, who, to his credit, did criticize anti-Semitism, did not mention is that calling almost any other religious group anti-Semitic would not result in murders and terrorism from members of that religion. 


The issue is not that Westerners are rightly identifying Muslims as anti-Semitic (Islamic scriptures explicitly endorse killing Jews). The problem is that Islam is a religion where any critiques, no matter how rational, result in extreme violence.

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