SHOCKER! Biden’s Cross-Dressing Dress Thief Scores Sweetheart Deal

Sam Brinton, Biden’s creepy-crawly, mustachioed transvestite from Transexual Transylvania — and former nuclear waste disposal guru — who was convicted of swiping women’s luggage from airports around the nation has been handed a two-year sentence in federal prison.


Kidding! That was a 75-year-old prolifer Paula Harlow, who lives her life in a wheelchair. Harlow got that sentence for blocking an abortion clinic doorway. Her 74-year-old sister got the same sentence.

The Free Beacon is reporting that Brinton had his privileged wrist slapped and won’t spend a night in the hoosegow.

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The feds were kind enough to drop Brinton’s felony grand larceny charge — which could have sent him to prison for 20 years — down to petit larceny, a misdemeanor.

Brinton’s sweetie-pie sentence includes the following “punishments:”

  • Brinton is required to sign up for an adult diversion program;
  • He must undergo treatment for mental health;
  • He is ordered to complete 50 hours of community service helping elderly people;
  • He must also write a letter of apology to the people whose luggage he stole.

This was the third time Brinton was convicted of stealing luggage belonging to real women.


DRAG-O-RAMA! Brinton is a member of a troupe of drag queens called
“Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.” You may remember them as the needy men in dresses who make hapless attempts to annoy Catholics by dressing as nuns. Brinton’s drag name is “Sister Ray Dee O’active,” though he is no longer employed by the federal government as the nuclear waste master-blaster. Another member of the same troupe, Clinton Monroe Ellis-Gilmore, was 
arrested for publicly “arm wrestling Mr. Richard,” if you get my drift.

One of Brinton’s victims was Tanzanian designer Asya Khamsin. In the headline photograph, you can see Brinton wearing a dress Khamsin designed and wore, which Brinton redistributed to himself.

Brinton, who was allegedly smart enough to handle nuclear waste, was also somehow foolish enough to post pictures of himself wearing his filched fashions on social media.

He reached a civil suit agreement with Khamsin that involved him writing yet another letter apologizing for being a thief as well as an undisclosed financial settlement.

“Mr. Brinton has apologized to Asya Khamsin, and Asya Khamsin has forgiven Mr. Brinton,” Khamsin’s lawyer revealed in a statement. “Asya Khamsin has decided not to publish Mr. Brinton’s letter of apology, as she considers the letter to be quite personal, sensitive, sincere, and heartfelt.”

But wait, there’s more. The statement then went “woke.”


“Asya Khamsin hopes that the example of reconciliation that she and Mr. Brinton have set will encourage tolerance and coexistence in America,” Khamsin’s lawyer continued. “Especially at this time of unfortunate public tension. Asya Khamsin wishes Mr. Brinton all the best.”

It wasn’t immediately clear if the attorney was referring to the “tolerance and coexistence” of luggage-swiping thieves or bald, attention-starved dudes in dresses.

FACT-O-RAMA! I portend trans people enjoy more “privilege” in the United States than any other group. Check out my article below and decide for yourself.

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Khamsin dropped a dime on Brinton when she saw pictures of him wearing her clothes in photographs taken at public events. Vanity Fair once praised Brinton’s fashion panache when he was wearing a dress Khamsin designed that he had swiped.

Neither Brinton nor his lawyer would comment on the sentence. Brinton’s “husband” told a Free Beacon reporter to “go away.”

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