The Morning Briefing: Mainstream Media Hacks Will Have No Problem Pivoting Back to Biden

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Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Bollwyzk remained convinced that a visionary would soon fund his ambitious one-man pantomime Les Misérables dream. 


There has been a lot of discussion this week — including here in the Briefing — about the mass epiphany regarding Joe Biden’s condition that the Dem propagandists in the mainstream media have been experiencing since last Thursday night. A few of them have been able to sell the elaborate bit of theater well, but most of them could really use some acting lessons. 

The chaos really has been something to watch. Dem officials and their flying monkeys in the mainstream media are usually on the same page, steadily murmuring their untruths in unison. Since last Thursday, they’ve been a drunk, dysfunctional family at a Thanksgiving dinner where the slobbering uncle tried to deep fry a frozen turkey. 

Here’s a little bit from something that Chris wrote yesterday:

Ever since Joe Biden’s debate debacle last Thursday, the left has turned into a circular firing squad. This time, it’s not woke “values” coming into conflict; instead, it’s the cacophony of voices talking about Biden’s fitness for the 2024 campaign.

One day, the loudest voices are calling for the Octogenarian-in-Chief to drop out. The next day, all is well and President Plugs and Veneers is fit as a fiddle and ready to slug it out with Donald Trump.

Suddenly, the two camps are at odds with each other. Keisha Lance Bottoms, who inflicted her own Bidenesque reign of terror on Atlanta during her single term as mayor, has called out the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC), the city’s only major newspaper, for criticizing Biden and suggesting that he step down. Bottoms calls this “election interference.”


Again, it’s been quite entertaining to watch them flail about the place. It never lasts long with the Democrats though. There could be blood all over the floor for weeks and they will eventually link arms and sing, “Hail, Obama,” or whatever their secular “Kumbaya” is these days. 

Despite all of the “Joe’s gotta go” talk on the left, there is precious little evidence that he will be shuffling off into the sunset. His wife’s lust to remain in power won’t let him. I firmly believe that Jill Biden would put her husband in cold storage in the White House basement until January 2029 just to keep the taxpayer-funded servants and the limos around. That means that Joe has to remain the nominee and she’ll start printing mail-in ballots herself. 

Relevant: Trust Me — DOCTOR Jill Biden Has Already Worked Out a Modified ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ Plan

What that means is that the cacophony on the Left has to calm down and they have to play nice again. 

The groundwork is already being laid for that. Katie Pavlich wrote over at Townhall that White House Spokesditz Karine Jean-Pierre is sticking with her “cheap fakes” narrative. 

The biggest sign of the attempt to return to B.S. as usual is the appearance of one of the most reliable Biden cheerleaders to help with damage control:


Stephanopoulos will of course slobber all over Biden and do everything but feed him pudding to make him feel comfy, but it will be even more embarrassing than that. Also over at Townhall, Matt Vespa writes that the interview won’t be live and that it will be given a slow-ish rollout. 

Cheap fakes, indeed. 

On the latest episode of my “Kruiser Kabana” podcast, my RedState colleague Bonchie and I briefly discussed the fact that the MSM hacks who are currently lamenting the state of Biden’s mental health after years of pretending that he was fine will have no problem pivoting back into defense mode. They have no shame or guiding principles. They’re also under the extremely mistaken impression that the public still laps up their nonsense en masse

They’ll all be suffering whiplash after all of Little Georgie’s heavily edited fluffing has finally been released to the public, but we’ll remember. 

Meanwhile, Trump’s campaign people can just kick back and keep letting Biden and the Dem media hacks provide fodder for their ad campaigns. 

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And it’s only Wednesday. 

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