ANOTHER whistleblower exposes Texas Children’s Hospital, but this time, it’s about the illegal use of Medicaid for secret trans program

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You might remember the whistleblower Dr. Eithan Haim, who exposed Texas Children’s Hospital for secretly continuing illegal transgender procedures. In May 2023, Haim anonymously shared redacted medical documents with journalist Christopher Rufo, who blew the lid off the story. But Haim was nonetheless indicted on four counts for violating HIPAA — even though the substantiative documents he provided omitted all confidential information.

Now, another whistleblower has come forward. Her name is Vanessa Sivadge, a pediatric nurse and former employee of Texas Children’s Hospital who also witnessed medical staff illegally continuing its transgender medicine program.

When Rufo’s story went public, Vanessa anonymously corroborated the reports.

The FBI targeted Haim first before turning its gaze toward Vanessa for being an accomplice in his reporting, which was impossible, considering Haim shared the information with Rufo anonymously.

But thanks to her courage and trust in God, Vanessa did not allow the FBI to intimidate her. Just a few weeks ago, she blew the whistle on Texas Children’s Hospital for using Medicaid to fund its illegal transgender medicine program.

This time, however, she is “bravely sharing her name, her face, and her story in the hopes that she will play a part in dismantling this destructive part of our medical system,” says Allie Beth Stuckey, who sat down with Vanessa to hear the details of the story.

This Hospital is Committing Medicaid Fraud for Puberty Blockers | Guest: Vanessa Sivadge | Ep

“I have witnessed numerous examples of Texas Children’s Hospital committing Medicaid fraud by using Medicaid to cover transgender treatments and hormones and also the misdiagnosing of transgender patients for the purpose of using Medicaid,” she tells Allie.

“Discrepancies in the paperwork” clued Vanessa in that “Texas Children’s Hospital [was] using Medicaid to cover transgender treatments,” which “is illegal per the Texas Medicaid policy.” She also observed doctors “intentionally misdiagnosing transgender patients for the purpose of justifying cross-sex hormones.”

“I’ll give you an example — a healthy 16-year-old male was said to have an estrogen deficiency as the official diagnosis, and that then allowed the doctor to prescribe estrogen to this healthy boy” under Medicaid, she recounts.

To hear more of Vanessa’s story, including where she’s at today, watch the episode above.

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