Democrats STILL delusional after Biden’s deranged debate disaster

For the last four years, Democrats have championed President Joe Biden as the best president and the antidote to Trump.

But after Biden’s horrific debate, a few of them are openly backtracking on their very recent support of a candidate faced with declining health.

The New York Times editorial board is one of them, having just published an article titled “To Serve His Country, President Biden Should Leave the Race.”

“That’s a pretty big step,” Stu Burgiere of “Stu Does America” comments. “Of course, the op-ed is terrible, as you might imagine. It’s basically, ‘Donald Trump is really, really bad. Joe Biden has been the best president ever, but you know, he looked a little old in the debate, so maybe he should step down.’”

Other Democrats are less honest.

Despite the clear mental decline Biden’s experienced, Keith Olbermann posted on X, “Today’s YouGov/CBS poll: Should Biden stay in the race? YES, 55% -45%.”

“Should TRUMP stay in the race? NO, 54%-46%,” Olbermann continued, adding, “That says it all. Any effing questions?”

But that poll doesn’t actually say what Olbermann wants it to say.

“The fact that Biden barely beats Trump among Democratic voters as compared to registered voters, that is a massive catastrophe,” Stu says.

In the same poll, 46% of Democratic voters answered that Biden should not be running for president. 45% of Democratic voters also answered that Biden should step aside and let someone else be the nominee.

“Basically half of your own voters are telling you not to run. This is not normal, boys and girls,” Stu adds.

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