The Fourth of July – Our “Day of Resistance”

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Leftists like to proclaim a “day of rage” or “day of resistance” whenever they want to form a mob and then pretend that the damage they do and the people they hurt derive moral justification in the service of some abstract cause, the nuances of which they cannot begin to remotely fathom. Many subconscious emotions can explain their true underlying motives, ranging from arrogance to loneliness to a need for spiritual meaning in the hedonistic cesspool that is their lives.


But, especially of late, the motive that seems to overwhelmingly drive leftists to try to bring down others is resentment. Bitter, hateful, vengeful resentment. I’m unhappy, so I’m going to make as many people around me as unhappy as possible.

Particularly in the West, this resentment borders on ludicrous, seeing as its practitioners are amongst the wealthiest and most privileged people the world has ever produced. Their inability to recognize, much less appreciate, the monumental cultural inheritance they’ve been bequeathed by the blood of their ancestors could fill volumes for anyone documenting of just what obstinate ignorance consists. They’re too obsessed with the fact that their glass is 0.01% empty to comprehend anything else. 

For it is resentment, not justice, that drives the demand for “reparations” for slavery, for people who never suffered it, from people who never committed it. People in your “group” are doing better than me, and I don’t like it. So I’m going to yoke the power of coercive government to steal what you earned and keep it for myself.

Resentment, not tolerance, demands children be sexualized as young as kindergarten and be taught that adult/child sexual relationships are perfectly normal. Children are beautiful, innocent creations that make our world better, so they must be corrupted. Especially if they belong to someone else.

Resentment, not charity, opens the borders and lets in millions of, at best, low skilled workers and, at worst, hardcore Islamists, almost none of whom have the slightest intention of showing any gratitude whatsoever for our generosity. Capitalism succeeded in raising the West above the non-West. Rather than admit I was wrong about my crackpot Marxist economic drivel, I’d rather do everything I could to drag the West into third world poverty.


Resentment, not diversity, explains the efforts to turn the world’s greatest military into a non-binary, neutered husk of its former self. I would never fight for anything other than my own impulsive desires, and so I must work to discredit and destroy the institution that magnifies the efforts of others to fight for more transcendent goals like the safety and well-being of their countrymen.

Resentment, not environmentalism, demands Western democracies regress to Iron Age level technology for their energy use (but not India and China, both of whom pollute more than anyone else). I’m unhappy, and it can’t be my own fault. My professor tells me it’s the fault of Western society, so I eagerly work to weaken and undermine it.

One day, the United States of America will come to an end. Whether by bang or by whimper, whether next year or a millennium hence, whether organically or by the insatiable resentment of the Left’s willing slaves, this greatest experiment in the pursuit and preservation of human freedom will cease to exist as a political entity. But when this nation ends, the spirit that birthed it will endure.

Whichever totalitarian faction emerges from the dust will try to erase any memory of our civilization, as they’re actively trying to do already. All the statues will come down, all the landmarks will be re-named, all the histories will be rewritten, and all free thought will be criminalized. And whatever doddering, senile puppet they prop up as their leader will rant and rave that it’s all being done to “save democracy.”


But they won’t be able to erase everything. Books will survive in basements. Stories will be passed from one generation to the next, even if needs be in hushed tones. No matter how far removed people are from their past, the true patriots cannot be removed from their instinctual resistance to tyranny. And the spirit that formed our nation will endure to reemerge elsewhere, like a balloon that expands on one end when the other end is squeezed.

For 80 years, the Russian Soviets utilized every power at their command, including mass murder, to erase that spirit from society. And when the USSR finally fell, out of the ashes appeared the Orthodox Church. It had never left. And out of the open air prisons of Czechoslovakia and Hungary emerged, unchained, millions of citizens celebrating their freedom. And the very guards that were sent to patrol the Berlin Wall helped bring it down.

The election of Javier Milei in a nation that once celebrated Juan Peron and produced Che Guevara. The evolution of Asian communist dictatorships like Vietnam and Cambodia into quasi-capitalist nations. The neverending flood of people voting with their feet from leftist countries to free countries, from blue states to red states. 

This is the spirit that led the Jews out of Egypt, that drove the Polish union workers to strike at the Gdansk Shipyards, and that moves Iranian women today to show their faces to those who demand they cover them. This is the spirit embedded in the Emancipation Proclamation, and before that in the Declaration of Independence, and before that in the Magna Carta, and before that in the Book of Exodus and the Gospels. 


This is that spirit that drove our forefathers across fields of blood at Yorktown and Antietam, and drove escaped slaves through the Underground Railroad. It animates people for whom life is truly a gift from God, for whom family and friends are joyful blessings, and for whom freedom is a means to make ourselves better individuals and the world a better place. It ensures salvation against the tyranny of man and the lies of sin.

Try as they might, the enemies of freedom cannot stop this spirit. They can oppress it, they can censor it, they can punish it, they can imprison it, and they can kill its possessors. But they cannot stop it. Should the Left overthrow this country tomorrow, remember that every single victory they ever achieved has been pyrrhic. Freedom has always returned.

So this Fourth of July, take a step back from the writhing convulsions the Left has forced upon this great nation and recognize your place in history. Remember your responsibility to that spirit of freedom, and always be willing to go down fighting as its happy warrior than to survive an intact but soulless coward in the knowledge that you stood by and watched it being destroyed.

Ours is the only nation founded not on a race, or tribe, or empire, or economic system, but on an idea. And that idea has persevered since God made man and will persevere long after the last leftist utopia crumbles under the weight of its own narcissistic filth. The United States is but a continuum of that idea, and to be an American is to embody that idea. So let us every day earn the right to be remembered as Americans.  This is our “day of resistance”, not theirs, and they can never take it from us. Celebrate it, defend it, and never, never apologize for it.


Happy Independence Day.

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