Trump announces he will investigate Big Pharma over autism, infertility, allergies, etc. – is he really serious about going after the vaccine industry this time?

Trump announces he will investigate Big Pharma over autism, infertility, allergies, etc. – is he really serious about going after the vaccine industry this time?

In a recent public address, Donald Trump announced plans to investigate the pharmaceutical and vaccine industries to determine the link between their products and out-of-control chronic illnesses like allergies, autism, infertility and obesity.

Trump says he is alarmed by the “unexplained” growth in the prevalence of chronic illnesses and health problems, especially in children.

“We’ve seen a stunning rise in autism, autoimmune disorders, obesity, infertility, serious allergies and respiratory challenges,” Trump said – watch the video below. “It’s time to ask what is going on?”

(Related: Trump can’t stop bragging about how “phenomenal” he feels his Operation Warp Speed “vaccines” were for the Wuhan coronavirus [COVID-19] “pandemic.”)

Trump’s “special presidential commission of independent minds” to probe Big Pharma

Trump speculated that perhaps food, the environment and certain medications may be to blame for America’s out-of-control chronic illness epidemic. He also questioned the presence of toxins and chemicals in consumer products – before these toxins and chemicals existed, far fewer people were sick like they are today.

“Every year we spend hundreds of billions [sic] of dollars to treat these chronic problems rather than looking at what is causing them in the first place,” Trump explained.

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“Too often our public health establishment is too close to Big Pharma – you make a lot of money, Big Pharma. Big corporations and other special interests does [sic] not want to ask the tough questions about what is happening to our children’s health. If Big Pharma defrauds American patients and taxpayers and puts profits above people, they must be investigated and held accountable.”

“When” he is back in the White House, Trump is promising to establish what he described as “a special presidential commission of independent minds who are not bought and paid for by Big Pharma.” These folks will be charged by Trump with investigating what is causing the decades-long increase in chronic illnesses.

“I understand Big Pharma, I believe, better than anybody else,” Trump bragged. “I know where they’re coming from.”

After the special commission is established and its research conducted, Trump wants it to “publish recommendations for how every American child can have a safe and healthy childhood.”

“It’s a conversation that is long overdue, and it’s a conversation that American families deserve,” Trump maintains. “American families must have this conversation and they must have a leader, a president, who can do something about this problem – and I will do that – thank you.”

On X, someone named “Ryan King” (@RKING90210) asked about the $1 million that he says “Pfizer gave to Trump in 2017 for his inauguration,” wanting to know how this might impact Trump’s agenda.

“‘The father of the vaccine’ planning to go after big pharma?” asked another. “Who’s going to fund your candidacy, bro? Please …”

Another asked why Trump doesn’t just endorse Robert F. Kennedy Jr. instead, seeing as how Kennedy has been talking about this issue for many years and probably knows a lot more about it than Trump does.

“All of a sudden Trump is on board with this? Kennedy must be gaining traction.”

Another praised Trump for the announcement, adding that “he needs to get rid of the NIH, too.”

“They are the biggest bunch of crooks,” this person added about the National Institutes of Health. “They are tied to Big Pharma.”

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