Trump Says Biden Is ‘Quitting the Race’ and Brags That He ‘Got Him Out’

Donald Trump has mostly kept quiet in the days since he faced off against Joe Biden in the first presidential debate of 2024, allowing the left to basically eat each other as they try to navigate a path forward and salvage the election.


But, in a video leaked to the Daily Beast, Trump offered a rather harsh assessment of Biden’s performance, and boasted that he got Biden to quit the race.

Donald Trump has delivered a brutal assessment of Joe Biden’s performance against him in last week’s presidential debate, calling the president a “broken-down pile of crap” teetering on the verge of “quitting the race” in a video provided by a source to The Daily Beast.

“He just quit, you know—he’s quitting the race,” Trump says, sitting in a golf cart. “I got him out of the—and that means we have Kamala.” 

It was not immediately clear where or when exactly the footage had been covertly filmed. 

In the video, the former president asks the person holding the camera what they thought of his own debate performance. As he’s told he did “fantastic” and “amazing,” Trump blusters on flatly, “Look at that old, broken down pile of crap.

“It’s a bad guy,” he says, seemingly referring to Biden. After announcing that the president is quitting and handing the baton to Kamala, Trump continues, “I think she’s gonna be better” as an opponent.

“She’s so bad. She’s so pathetic,” he says, plucking at his gloves.


There have been conflicting reports about Biden’s intentions. The New York Times reported that Biden is considering dropping out of the race, but the White House disputes that report. Post-debate polling has also been mixed, with some polls showing Biden performing better against Trump than Democratic alternatives and some showing Biden performing worse. None of the polls show any Democratic alternative polling better than Trump, save for Michelle Obama, who has repeatedly said she has no intention of running.

“Make no mistake that Democrats, the mainstream media, and the swamp colluded to hide the truth from the American public—Joe Biden is weak, failed, dishonest, and not fit for the White House,” Trump campaign advisers Chris LaCivita and Susie Wiles said in a statement. “Every one of them has lied about Joe Biden’s cognitive state and supported his disastrous policies over the past four years, especially Cackling Copilot Kamala Harris.”

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While Democrats are freaking out about the election and would like to see a different candidate put forward, switching candidates at this stage of the election is politically risky and would be a legal nightmare for the Democratic Party.


According to an internal Democratic poll that was leaked this week, Biden’s debate performance has severely impacted his campaign. Biden’s support is declining in key battleground states. In Colorado, where Biden led by 3.7 points before the debate, his lead has shrunk to just 1.9 points. In Minnesota, Biden’s margin dropped from 2.4 points to a mere 0.4 points, and in Maine, it decreased from 2.2 points to just 0.2 points. Biden’s narrow leads in New Mexico and Virginia have also turned into small deficits post-debate. Additionally, Trump now holds nearly a three-point lead in New Hampshire.

When combining all the state polls to create an electoral map, it indicates a landslide victory for Trump.

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