Whistleblower gives bold Christian testimony after exposing sex-change program at children’s hospital: ‘No matter the cost’

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A whistleblower who helped expose the sex-change program at Texas Children’s Hospital is speaking out about her faith and how it empowered her to come forward with the truth.

Last month, registered nurse Vanessa Sivadge went public.

‘We had to affirm what God has deemed good — and that is the good and perfect design in men and women.’

Sivadge was the second whistleblower to come forward about the sex-change program at Texas Children’s Hospital. The first, Dr. Eithan Haim, has been indicted on four felony charges for allegedly violating medical privacy laws. Not only has Sivadge provided horrifying details about the sex-change program, but she has alleged that physicians at Texas Children’s Hospital have committed Medicaid fraud by “illegally billing Medicaid for transgender procedures.”

Last summer, FBI agents showed up at Sivadge’s house and, according to her, communicated veiled threats if she did not assist in their investigation into Dr. Haim.

In a new interview with BlazeTV host Allie Beth Stuckey, Sivadge explained how her Christian faith helped her overcome the frightening situation.

“It was a really difficult time where we had to rely on the Lord and just turn to him,” she said.

One of the Bible verses that has encouraged her through the “really difficult” situation, Sivadge said, is Ephesians 5:11, which reads, “Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.”

“I took that very literally,” Sivadge explained. “What God designs, he defines, and this is not an issue that we should compromise on. This is a foundational Genesis 1 issue.”

Sivadge told Stuckey that she believes God brought her to a place where she was forced to depend on him. Citing Ephesians 2, Sivadge said she believes God prepared her in advance for the difficult work of standing up for the truth about biological sex.

“This was not an accident to God. And he knew this would happen a long time ago, and this is the good work that he’s prepared in advance that I would do,” she said.

“Reclaiming that truth and also just speaking the promises of God over myself — that God is ultimately my defender, that he’s my protector, that Jesus is my advocate before God the Father, that nothing can snatch me out of his hand. Speaking those truths to the fear and the anxiety that the enemy wants to keep you in was so critical for me in the weeks that followed,” Sivadge explained.

Going even farther, Sivadge said Christians are called to defend God’s truth no matter the cost.

“God is worthy of our trust no matter what happens,” she said.

“So we knew that this was not the end of the story, that we had to speak out, that we had to affirm what God has deemed good — and that is the good and perfect design in men and women. His design for our gender and sexuality is good and beautiful and right. And we are called to affirm that no matter the cost,” she explained.

Fortunately, the FBI has left Sivadge alone since that one encounter last summer.

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