ABC/CBS/NBC Friday AM Shows Aren’t Soft on Biden…But NO Republicans Allowed!

ABC, CBS, and NBC did not report any cheerleading news for President Biden on their Friday morning shows. All of them ran negative soundbites of Democrats and embarrassing gaffes from the president, like him claiming in a radio interview that he was a black woman as vice president. But something was noticeably missing: any soundbites from a Republican. The entire debate on Biden’s future is apparently an only-Democrats matter. 

This has been a predictable pattern after the disastrous debate: presenting two sides of the Democrat struggle, with only Democrats on each side. Will he stay or will he go now? 

On CBS Mornings, reporter Scott MacFarlane apparently had no January 6 riot report today (his favorite), so they put him on the Biden beat: 

On Today, NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell, last seen yelling at Newsmax reporter James Rosen in the briefing room for asking if Biden was “disabled,” ran an eye-opening quote from an anonymous source. “One Democratic senator who declined to speak publicly said ‘The country saw what those of us who have had personal interactions with him have all known for the last two and a half years.‘”

On Good Morning America, ABC’s Selina Wang at least mentioned something Trump said. “Donald Trump is trying to take advantage of this chaos. He is calling for another debate anytime, anywhere but of course, they’ve already committed to a debate in September on ABC News.”

PS: PBS News Hour on Thursday night followed the same pattern in a five-and-a-half-minute report. The online headline accurately described this insular segment: How some Democratic lawmakers and voters feel about Biden staying in the race.

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